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Top 5 Wardrobe Necessities

Whether you get your fashion advice from the glossy pages of your favorite magazine, or the updates from your favorite fashion blogs, you’ve probably been bombarded with the “Top 5 Wardrobe Necessities” time and time again. Truth be told, there’s no such thing as a pinpointed list of the ultimate must-haves (unless Anna Wintour and Glenda Bailey have co-authored an underground book that we’re not aware of.) It’s all up to your lifestyle and budget. However, our expert stylists have compiled a list of the necessities that we suggest all of our clients invest in. And what makes it better than other lists? It’s applicable to anyone and everyone.

You’ll probably notice that you own some (if not all) of these items already. Our stylists suggest that you re-evaluate the quality and fit of these items, and if they’re not top notch, replace them with the updated version. Let’s face it, no one looks cute in an ill-fitting pair of blue jeans from 2006.

We’ll cut the suspense short. Scroll down to see our personal shoppers’ expertly compiled list of items that you need in your closet, and why you should invest ASAP:

The Black Leather Jacket

This item is the LBD’s just-as-important counterpart. A chic biker jacket can dress up anything! Perfect for those days when you feel as if you have nothing to wear, pair your ensemble with one of these and watch your outfit go from drab to fab in seconds. The black leather jacket is a contemporary classic and can add the right amount of edge to a simplistic look. Because of its timelessness, an investment in a black leather jacket will definitely yield a high return.

While it’s fine to look for your leather jacket at a fast fashion store, our stylists recommend holding out and saving up for just the right real leather jacket, (or vegan leather jacket, if you prefer.) It’s an investment that will be relevant and stylish until the end of eternity. So we promise, it’s worth it.

The Blue Jeans

Making every list in the book, the blue jeans. You have your black skinnies and your beloved acid wash boyfriend jeans, but the blue jeans are the ultimate must-have. The denim trend has sky rocketed since its mainstream popularity in the 70s and has really become revolutionary. Penetrating new avenues such as the business world, in many workplaces “Casual Fridays” are now obsolete because nice blue jeans are acceptable alternatives to dress pants.

They’re definitely making a statement that’s here to stay, which only heightens the need for you to make an even greater statement with a few quality pairs. When investing in jeans, like any garment, you are investing in quality, durability, and most of all, fit. Finding the right fit can really accentuate your best features and ultimately dress you up for any occasion.

Photo Credit | 3X1 jeans | Melissa McCarthy curvy jeans | Topshop biker jacket | Michael Kors fitted leather jacket | Aldo booties | Topshop sneakers | Forever 21 wedges | H&M top

The Winter Jacket

The winter coat is what our stylists consider a classic investment for anyone who doesn’t live in Arizona, basically. This is a garment that you should truly spend time and consideration before purchasing, because nothing is more important than protecting your body during harsh cold months. The purchase of a cheap, low quality coat will probably cause you to layer clothing underneath to thicken the material, and will also begin to fall apart after a while. A quality coat can most definitely survive many winters, while staying in great shape, and providing you necessary warmth.

This investment won’t force you to buy another for years, unless you decide you want to feature an addition to your collection for versatility. If you’re anything like our stylists, you’ll soon compile a high quality winter coat collection, and can eventually have your choice between peacoat, down feather, and boyfriend wool from day to day.

The Ankle Boot

The ultimate must? Protecting your feet with a sturdy and comfortable pair of shoes. Unlike other accessories, you wear your shoes every day. You want a pair that looks luxurious, and feels the same. Especially to city natives, your feet are the primary method of transportation so comfort and durability are necessities. One can typically get away with a cheaper pair of sandals and maybe tennis shoes for one season at a time, however, a quality boot is a major investment. Boots can be comfortable, durable, and a very stylish option for someone who frequently travels on foot. Ankle boots specifically can be worn year-round being paired with a sundress or shorts in the spring/summer months, and a solid pair can have you mapping the city without your bunions screaming by the end of the day.

Photo Credit | Steven Madden buckle booties | Sam Edelman cheetah booties | Jeffery Campbell cut out booties | ACNE pointy-toe booties | Modcloth white dress | Topshop striped shirt dress | Tome blue dress | Madewell tote

The Ultimate Luggage Bag

Traveling provides opportunities for amazing experiences, but can also be quite an exhausting task. Between manoeuvring transportation hubs and dealing with paperwork, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll safely and securely get your wardrobe from here to there. When equipped with heavy duty luggage, you have one less thing to worry about. Oftentimes, luggage gets man-handled during your travel, and if you don’t have reliable bags, your personal belongings have a higher probability of becoming a liability.

Investing in a quality luggage set can save you the headache and alleviate some of the stresses of traveling for a pleasant experience. Because the only thing you should have to worry about when you travel is deciding between Moscato and White Zinfandel at your all-inclusive resort.

Now It’s Your Turn

Take a look in your wardrobe and see what you still need to invest in. Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts including other wardrobe necessities that almost made the cut, and how to style statement pieces that compliment your basics. If you’d like help finding just the right fits and styles for you, reach out to one of our friendly stylists.

by Imani and Molly

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