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Wardrobe Staples To Buy Now

Even though we’re right in the middle of summer, as stylists, we’re always thinking one season ahead for our clients. After all, a great wardrobe is a well-thought-out wardrobe and planning is essential.

We wanted to share with you some wardrobe staples to buy now that will be wearable through next season and beyond. It’s never easy knowing what you should invest in, what to splurge on. However there are some key pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe that are timeless.

Dress down your dress //

Yes, it’s rare that you’ll hear us stylists talking and pairing down an outfit. However we see hundreds of dresses from month to month looking very lonely in closets, as they’ve only been worn once (maybe twice) to a special occasion. They’re then left on the hanger wishing to be worn again. Out top stylist tip is to ‘add some edge’ to your dress, and a biker jacket is a great way of doing this. Pair your floral dress that you bought for your friend’s wedding with a stylish (and well-fitting) biker and voila, you have a totally new look.


Wardrobe Staples To Buy Now | Main Image | Image Source | Black Biker Jacket | Red Printed Dress | Gold Watch | Tom Ford Sunglasses | Patent Black Boots | Gucci Black Bag | Pave Double Ring

The Perspex heeled boots are a wardrobe staple to buy now and are here to stay! Simply swap those sandals that you wore with the summer dress with a pair of these and you’ve got a stylish Autumnal look.

A classic black bag is always an investment and a wardrobe staple to buy now but we recommend thinking outside the box on this one. Look for interesting detail like the bamboo handle we’ve selected here. Think ‘a take on a classic’.

We’ve styled our dress with gold accessories here and we always recommend having a pair of sunglasses to handle whatever the weather.

Keeping it minimal //

The minimal trend is here to stay! This is a look that’s seen on stylists, influencers, and bloggers all across the world, and it’s also a look that can be worn by everyone regardless of age, shape, or budget. We need to mention that minimal doesn’t mean not much going on either, it’s more about the illusion that you put on an outfit and look effortless.


Wardrobe Staples To Buy Now | Image Source | Leather Culottes | Necklace | Patent Nude Boots | Nike Huarache Sneakers | Sunglasses | Cross Body Bag | Metallic Tank | White Biker Jacket | Watch

The culottes made a comeback this season and if you’ve bought them in a neutral tone – well done! These can still be worn through next season and beyond, simply swap your summer sandals for a pair of sneakers like these Nike’s we’ve selected or the ‘it’ boot, the Perspex nude heel. There is often a sporty feel to this look and is perfect if you want to feel comfortable.

The minimal trend is all about neutral tones and soft metallics, and we always recommend having a great metallic t shirt or tank that will add a luxe feel to your minimal outfits.

Minimal doesn’t mean ‘no accessories’ either, it simply means paired down and more neutral accessories. We’ve selected this great unisex watch that would work perfectly with any minimal outfit.

Our main tip as stylists is to ask yourself when you’re buying anything is ‘Can I think of a few different ways of wearing this’. If you can, great you’re already on to a winner. Always think about next season too even when you’re buying for this one. If you’d like help curating the perfect wardrobe for this season and beyond, contact our stylists.

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