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Ethical Fashion

Do you know where your clothes are coming from? Or what the world is going through for you to look “stylish”? If you’re concerned about how your style habits are influencing the world around you, it’s time to step back and take a look at what’s really happening. Headlines everywhere have been littered with “Ethical Fashion,” lately. Stylists often get asked by clients about where their clothes are coming from. Are animals getting killed? Are children being treated as slaves? These answers haven’t always been clear.

Now more than ever, curating a wardrobe with a clean conscious has become less troublesome, with brands embracing ethical practice, eco-friendly procedures, fair labor, and animal-friendly fabrics without compromising trends. Stella Mccartney is one of the biggest cruelty-free fashion designers, and a number of  luxury labels such as Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, and Giorgio Armani have gone fur-free.


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We spoke with Jodi Muter-Hamilton, an ethical-textiles-aware fashion designer and founder of Black Neon Digital, about her personal experiences designing around unethical materials and catering to her moral beliefs. She gave us an insight into the questions and misconceptions surrounding ethical fashion when it comes to the truths of sourcing and manufacturing.

It is difficult for brands (especially those in mass production) to consider ethical factors when sourcing or designing for garments. Revenue and profit are the soul aims for most companies so it’s easy to throw values away. Jodi told us “I know why things cost what they do. There is no cheap solution.” So where do we decide to make the compromise? We think it starts with you! Invest in something a little more expensive with the reassurance it’s come from a cruelty-free place.


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“I think it’s crucial that we know where our clothes are made, from what, and by who. Clothing is so intrinsic to our sense of self. I think that the garments we wear make up our own story. To be able to truly tell our own story, we must know all the facts about what we wear. Feeling good in your clothes means understanding yourself, the garments you wear, and the message you are portraying.” -Jodi from Black Neon Digital.

If you’re struggling and are not sure which pieces to invest in, contact one of our stylists. We can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to ethical fashion, based on your own personal ethics, personal style, and budget.


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