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Feel confident and fabulous at every age

Ageing is inevitable. Lucky for all of us, style is a constant in life no matter what age we may be. As we get older, our bodies change. You may start to notice that your clothes aren’t fitting quite the same way that they used to, or maybe certain types of clothing that you always used to wear just doesn’t look right anymore. It’s easy to get discouraged, but it’s important to know that any age, body type, and shape can be styled accordingly. Everyone deserves to feel confident and fabulous at every age, and Style Doctors is here to help with a few tips.

Clean your wardrobe

Go through everything in your closet. Has it faded terribly? Is it three sizes too small? Too large? Does it have yellowed tags from 1983? Have you not worn it since your last pregnancy? Take a deep breath, grab these pieces, and get them out of your closet. Your daughters and granddaughters and nieces will love the endearing vintage pieces, and the rest you can donate to charity. The easiest way to collect a stellar wardrobe is to start with a clean slate. We offer a Home Visit service in which your stylist will not only leave you with a manageable wardrobe but one you’ll love wearing everyday.

Invest in the pieces you want

The better quality items you purchase, the more comfortable you’re going to feel in them. Strong, well-made pieces give your body shape and movement – things that “fast fashion” pieces can’t give you. It’s okay to spend more on a dress than you would have 10 years ago. Wearing a fitted piece of clothing makes all the difference when it comes to overall appearance. Fit and quality show through colour and trend, especially when you may not be confident in certain parts of your body or prefer to highlight one part of your body over another.

These pieces that you’re investing in are likely going to be in your closet for a long time, so it’s smart to shop for classic and versatile pieces. Investing in things like winter coats, jeans, and good shoes are important, because you’ll be wearing them often. Depending on your personal taste, you can invest in a few evening pieces, nice jewellry, or accessories as well. Remember, quality is key to feeling confident, and confidence is key to looking your best.

Shop appropriately

We all love our leather leggings. But everyone has their prime time to wear leather leggings. Same goes for mini skirts, plunging necklines, and outrageous heels. When prime time has passed, it’s important to retire those pieces for more age-appropriate pieces. Wearing clothes that are appropriate will actually make you look younger than wearing clothes that are too skimpy, tight, or revealing. If you’re going for a more sexy or flirty look, there are ways to achieve it by dressing appropriately for any age or size. You just have to find what works best for you.


NYDJ Bootcut Jeans | Whistles Skirt (printed) | Hobbs Trousers (burgundy) | Uttam Boutique dress (yellow) | Reiss Fur Coat | Ted Baker Blouse (white) | Ted Baker coat (blue) | Navabi Wrap Dress (grey) | Zara Necklace | Mango Short-sleeved Cape | Dash Blouse (printed) | Topshop Blazer (velvet) | Monsoon Ballet Flats | Rockport Boots (brown) | D&G Sunglasses

Still not sure exactly how to shop for your changing body? Our team of professional stylists is here to help you with wardrobe advice, shopping appointments, or anything else you may need.

xo Molly

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