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Find The Perfect Swimsuit

It’s almost swimsuit season and let’s face it, trying on swimsuits is about as enjoyable to most women as a trip to the dentist when you know you need a filling! I can already hear your screams as you ‘re reading this, but don’t worry, that’s why the team at Style Doctors are here: we can help you to find the perfect swimsuit, bikini or tankini in a fraction of the time it would take for you to do it yourself, I can also promise it will be far less painful than a trip to the dentist! Everyone can look great on the beach, and whilst we can’t change your body shape, we can certainly help you make the most of it. Feeling comfortable in your skin is what it’s about…and lets face it, a swimsuit is like a second skin.

If you are planning on doing it without the help of a stylist, follow my three golden rules to ensure success:


Now I know this is the LAST thing any of you want to read, but trust me, bikinis and swimsuits are designed to be overly tight. They tend to run smaller than most regular clothing and are made of far less fabric. Don’t get stuck on the sizing as no one will ever see the inside of your label, they will however see how ill fitting something is.


Don’t stick to black. Use colour to accentuate the positive, for example, if you have larger hips, bring proportion to your body by wearing a vibrant bikini top, and play down the hips with black or navy bottoms. Vertical lines and polka dots can also be slimming, so bear these in mind too.


Don’t be afraid of these, they work just the same way as minimising underwear and can help you to look at though you’ve lost 10 pounds. If your tummy is your problem area, go for high waisted bikini bottoms or a one piece. If you’re overly busty, avoid any padding.

Here are a few of my other picks for the beach this summer:


And there you have it, GOOD LUCK ladies!

Stephanie x

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