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Finding the Right Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate wardrobe necessity. They can be dressed up, dressed down, styled smartly, styled casually, and even worn with other denim pieces! The versatility of a good pair of jeans is endless, and that’s why it is important to get the right fit, cut, and colour for your body shape and size. We put together a small list of tips on finding the right jeans for you.


The wash or rinse of your jeans refers to the colour of the denim. A dark wash is universally flattering, slimming the waist and elongating the leg. Dark jeans are appropriate for any occasion, especially if you’re planning to wear jeans to a semi-dressy event. A medium wash is more rustic and casual. Pairing these with a crisp white oxford shirt creates a nice casual/smart contrast, perfect for being out and about during the day. A light wash is very casual. Usually worn by a younger demographic, it has a carefree and playful vibe, no matter the cut.


There are many different styles of jeans, and they each make a different statement. Possibly the most popular cut is the skinny jean, which fits tight around the bum all the way down to the ankle. As long as they are a proper fit and in a medium or dark wash, they are flattering for nearly any body type. Common and easy styling options for skinny jeans include tucking them into a boot for a chilly autumn day, or pairing them with a stiletto for a night out.

Boot cut is also a very popular cut, and usually worn in more dressy settings. The boot cut is similar to the skinny jean, except instead of being tight, the leg of the jean is a bit wider at the bottom, almost as if there’s room for a “boot” underneath. (That’s where we get “boot cut.”) You don’t have to wear boots, though. As long as the denim isn’t too short or too long – preferable length is about 1-2 centimetres from the floor.

The comeback jean of the season is the flared cut, as it plays into the 70s/boho trends that have been dominating the runways and streets. Because the flare at the bottom creates unusual proportions, this cut lends itself more towards taller body frames. A flare on a petite frame can create unnatural proportions and make the body look shorter and wider than it actually is.

The boyfriend jean is the ultimate casual-wear piece. It fits loosely around the thighs and calves, and usually comes to a taper around the ankle or a bit before. The fit around the bum can be tricky, as it shouldn’t be too tight  (like the skinny jean,) but also shouldn’t hang to create unnecessary volume. We love the boyfriend cut because it gives off the perfect “I intentionally look fabulous, but you can’t tell that I tried,” vibe.



(Jeans L-R)Paige Skinny (dark wash) | AG Skinny (light wash) | Levi’s Skinny (dark wash) | Karen Millen Flare (dark wash) | Topshop Flare (light wash) | Shoes (L-R) Aldo flats (black) | New Look boots (tassels) | Topshop heels (python) | Zara loafers (merlot) | New Look boots (snakeskin)


Back pockets are honestly just as important as the cut and wash of the jeans you choose to wear. Be careful with details on pockets. Each jewel, stitch, and flap creates volume. Whether or not you want to create volume and attention on your bum is up to you, but know that when it comes to pockets, less is more. A simple pocket without a design stitched on the back can look the most classic, since it is universally age and shape appropriate.

The length of your jeans is probably more important than you may think. If jeans are too long and drag on the ground, it looks a bit sloppy. Not only that, you can ruin the hem! Jeans that are too short may be even worse. A boot cut or flare that comes more than 1 or 2 centimetres can instantly make you look shorter than you are. Skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans have a bit of leeway, because you can wear them to your ankles or you can roll them once or twice to create a cuff.


(Jeans L-R)Mango Bootcut (dark wash) | Oasis Bootcut (medium wash) | Mango Boyfriend (light wash) | Hudson boyfriend (medium wash) | (Shoes L-R) | Carvela boot (black) | Michael Kors boot (leopard) | Kurt Geiger trainers (sequin) | Mint Velvet boots (lace-up) | Zara trainers (mesh)

If you’d like to find the perfect jeans in person why not book a session with one of our friendly stylists.

xo Molly

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