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Finding Your Colour Palette

Have you ever had a hard time choosing the right colour to wear and finding your colour palette? Trying to find the perfect colour that highlights your skin tone in just the right way? We have all been there. Deciding whether to get the jacket in white or black…while one makes you look more edgy, the other pops and grabs attention. There are many factors that go into choosing the right colour; how you feel, what others think and finding a balance between the two.

When asked what your favorite colour is, what do you say? We may love many colours but the colour we choose when answering this question is usually a reflection of our current mood. For most of us, our colour preference is an ever changing and ever evolving state of mind. Whether you choose to wear black because it makes you look and feel more sophisticated or if you decide to wear red because it gives you a feminine and chic look, the colour you choose reflects your personality.


Choosing the right colour to wear can be a very daunting task. We tend to gravitate to the same colours over and over because we feel comfortable in them and like “playing it safe”. However, taking risks and going for different colours can be just the thing you need to add a little personality to your wardrobe. Wearing warm colours such as orange, yellow and red can accentuate your skin tone and make your eyes and face come alive. Neutral and cool colours such as white, black, grey and navy are much more versatile and match with all colours and colour combinations. Color mixing is also a great way to bring multiple colours together to create a complimentary or contrasting mix and to see how colours play off each other.

Whatever you decide to wear, always be sure you feel good in it. Don’t be afraid to try new colours and experiment. Just like our moods, our colour preferences fluctuate with the seasons, the weather and the occasion.

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