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Finding Your Own Personal Style

Finding your own personal style doesn’t happen overnight. The fact is, finding your style is a continuing process.

Your style may reflect your age, personality, body image, and even your mood. Whatever it is, your style reflects who you are. For many, style is something that is ever changing. We all know how hard it was trying to find our own style as a young adult and it seems it’s not much easier as we grow older. Clothes don’t always fit as we’d like them to, trends are constantly changing, and we are all just trying to look good without trying so hard.

Do you ever feel lost? Trying to find a balance between looking good and feeling great, the two don’t always go together. At times we love the way something looks, yet the fit doesn’t compliment our body or maybe you find something that looks great on but the price is out of your reach.

These are things everyone has dealt with at one point or another during their shopping experience. Friends can be fun shopping buddies but sometimes we need that expert opinion, a person who really understands fashion and knows what looks good. There is only so much you can view online. The Internet is swarming with fashion images, blogs, and magazines, yet we are not receiving the hands-on assistance we may need.

We tend to think personal shoppers are only for the rich and famous, however now, are more accessible to the everyday man or woman. Looking good and feeling great is something we can all achieve with the expertise and advice of Style Doctor’s personal stylists. Finding your style may be a whole lot easier with some extra guidance. Fashion fades, yet your style is forever. Your clothing is a little piece of you, make sure you like what you see.

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  1. Arikana - September 25, 2014 12:59 pm

    Well said. I am 28 now and it took me a long time to find my personal style and I am certain it will continue to evolve just as you said. For me, being stylish is as important as being comfortable and getting an extra boost in confidence from my outfit. I can’t imagine wearing 6 inch heels to work just because they are stylish so I certainly wouldn’t be happy with styling anybody in clothes they are not comfortable in.


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