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Floral Clutch Bag Style Inspiration


Who doesn’t love flowers? They’re bright, they’re colourful and they make people smile. Haven’t you always wished you could carry them with you wherever you go? In a way, you can with your clutch as the canvas. Now, you can recreate your favourite flowers to your bag with a floral printed clutch.

Floral print has made its appearance many times before but this summer we love it on your accessories. Not only is floral very feminine and perfect for the summertime, it is also the perfect print for your clutch. If you are dressing up or just want to make a pretty statement to an already casual look, a floral clutch is the answer.

If you are sporting your floral printed clutch, it is important that you aren’t also wearing a floral printed outfit. It’s one thing to spice up your bag with floral designs, but it’s another to have the print take over your entire look. Let your accessories speak for themselves. Too much of any print can be an eyesore and can take away from your outfit. Your clutch should only act as an accent to compliment your look.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for your clutch is color contrasts. Make sure you find a backdrop that goes well with the design. Nothing looks worse than a mix of flowers behind a bright color. Darker tones such as black or light pastels are more complimentary to most floral designs. As usual, the simpler the design, the better. Too many flowers could be too much of a good thing, so avoid busy and loud patterns.

For your next  summer bag, add a hint of floral print!

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