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A Free Personal Shopper Vs A Paid Personal Shopper

We often get asked how is your service different from a personal shopper service at a department store and we wanted to share some the differences with you. Many of our clients have used free personal shoppers at department stores before they have used our service and have noticed immediately a huge difference. But what are they….?


The first difference is the initial consultation. When a person books with us they are sent an in depth questionnaire to fill in before their style session which helps their personal stylist understand more about them as a person and about the fashion choices they’ve made. On the day itself each client sits down with their stylist for a colour and style consultation. This isn’t something offered by the free services at department stores and shops.


Each of our personal stylists are trained to degree level and beyond, have clients from all different walks of life of all shapes and sizes. It’s of the utmost importance that you are shown how to successfully dress for your shape rather than a trend and a professional will be able to show you how to do this. After learning about your shapes and colours during your style consultation comes the shopping…


Being able to use multiple shops is the key to a successful personal shopping experience. Even though it’s possible to buy a wardrobe from one shop, it’s not the best wardrobe that you can buy if you used other shops. As our stylists know the stock in each shop from high street to designer they can show you where to get the best item for your shape, requirement and budget. Many of our clients agree that they have felt under pressure in the past to buy from one store even though that item may not be quite right.

Building a wardrobe

As our personal shoppers and stylists know exactly what you need they’ll be able to build a wardrobe that’s just right for your lifestyle. A personal shopping experience in a large store is more about the product and not the person. We make sure every single item purchased is multi use and will work perfectly with everything else you have. Shopping with an expert will ensure that you come away with wearable pieces rather than just a few one-offs.


Like any service, you get what you pay for. If it’s a free service, expect to get a service that’s indicative of that. If you pay an expert to fulfil your brief and to make you come away with more than just bags of clothes but a better understanding of what suits you, your shape and your lifestyle all with a dash of confidence thrown in.

Book a 2 hour shopping taster session and see what you can achieve today!

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