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Getting Ready For London Fashion Week With Luna Amani

Getting ready for London Fashion Week is not an easy task and with this season quickly approaching, we are highlighting some of our favourite designers and brands. One of these designers is Luna Amani, who we were first introduced to last Fashion Week. Taking inspiration from her Persian heritage, she has been designing accessories for women for over 20 years now. Something we love about Luna and her designs is her goal of being committed to giving back.

“The key factor that has influenced my designer life was that of my Persian aunties. Three of them are tailors, and as a child I always had clothes made for me by them.“

While being both practical and yet stunning, her designs for accessories are still able to tell a story, and this is clear in her first signature collection, Azadi, which means “freedom” in Farsi. This collection as well as her more recent ones represent creativity and the freedom Luna believes all women have a right to.

A selection of bags from the by the Luna Amani collection

Bags are a great way to add a pop of colour to brighten up any look. Luna Amani’s handmade bags are beautiful, but still practical for everyday use and they come in a great variety of colours and sizes. We love this Mahnaz crossbody bag in green which adds the perfect pop of colour to complete this look.

Getting Ready For London Fashion Week

If you really want to stand out and be noticed at London Fashion Week, we recommend using interesting silhouettes in addition to pops of colour to take your outfit to the next level. Here we’ve paired an orange structured coat with a classic white blouse and royal blue crop. While the blouse underneath is chic and minimal , the cut keeps it interesting. The matching blue crop and trousers tie the whole look together.

Shoes and bags are also a great way to get creative, especially during Fashion Week. These metallic heels (although very dramatic) help add some neutrality to the outfit. Metallics are also a great way to add a luxe feel to any outfit – it’s go dramatic or go home during LFW! A Luna Amani bag is the perfect way to complete a look like this because she has a great variety of styles and colours to choose from.

Orange Coat | Wide Leg Trousers | Crystal Metallic Heels | Crop Top | White Blouse | Green Bag | Gold Necklace | Cuff

Each handmade bag is designed by Luna and her design team in the UK and help support charities for children in Wales and Iran. We love how supportive she is of women’s rights as well, giving back to those in need. Remember to check out our coverage from London Fashion Week which starts on the 16th of February.

by Megan

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