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Holiday Packing Like A Pro

Now that the holiday season is almost upon us, a lot of us will be turning our heads to a travel brochure or two. Great holiday packing is an art form, and whilst some people seem to be born with the natural ability to do it effortlessly, others can find it a daunting ordeal.

With a few simple steps, I’m going to show you how everyone can be a pro at holiday packing.

  1. Choose a few key pieces according to the climate you are visiting and type of holiday you’re taking. These will be the basis of your temporary wardrobe, and the foundation which you will build around.
  1. Lay all your clothes out and create the different combinations of your outfits before packing. Remember to mix and match, and let your accessories do the talking. Take some photos on your phone as a quick reference guide for later.


  1. Try to stay tonal, so that most of your clothes will blend and complement each other, with a few statement pieces thrown in for extra pizzazz. Jewellery, shoes, bags and belts are a great way to add colour to your outfits, and can transform them from one to the next.
  1. Stuff shoes with socks, hosiery or underwear to help them retain their shape and place them in the suitcase around your other items. Pack delicate fabrics around your sturdier ones such as your jeans etc.
  1. As soon as you arrive at your destination or hotel, unpack and hang out all your clothes. Hang anything creased in the bathroom so that it will steam when you take a shower.

And remember, you don’t have to be jetting off to the Maldives to take heed of these little tips of mine, a European city break or weekend in the British countryside is just as much fun!

Stephanie x

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  1. Florence Schmidt - September 24, 2015 1:29 pm

    Fantastic advices! Don`t forget to check the weather. It is not very appropriate putting only dresses in your suitcase and arriving there to realize it will be raining during all your holiday. It is a good idea to roll your clothes instead of folding them. I hope my advice are useful. Best regards!


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