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Holographic Hair: 5 Ways To Pull It Off

Hair is experiencing a big movement right now and the advances of colour technology mean nothing is impossible. The latest trend, holographic hair, is mesmerising, named after the light refraction from holograms on the back of CD cases.

According to Teen Vogue, the trend was discovered at the Ross Michaels Salon in Seattle, Washington and now it’s all over Instagram with many hairdressers and home hair dyers experimenting with the new style. This isn’t just a trend for millennials either with celebrities like Helen Mirren sporting holographic hair. If you’re someone who likes experimenting with new hairstyles, here are five ways you can pull off holographic hair.

Shades of grey

If you’re already embracing the phenomenon that is grey hair, then holographic hair is perfect for you. Due to the complexity of the colouring system holographic hair requires, all colour is stripped or bleached out of hair prior to its application. Therefore, if you’re already grey you take out the middle step and jump straight on the rainbow.

Your hair in an extension of your outfit and is a great way to add some personality to your everyday looks

Longer locks

Although the holographic trend still works really well on shorter hairstyles, it’s definitely more effective on longer hair just because you can give the colours more definition. Don’t let your shorter hair stop you! With human hair extensions available for everyone and anyone you can still be part of this superhuman hairstyle. Real human hair extensions behave just like your own hair so can be dyed, styled, twirled, brushed and washed to your hearts content.

Meet halfway

You don’t have to fully commit to the holographic hairstyle; you can meet it halfway and just have the underneath layers of your hair dyed. This is also the perfect alternative if you think your employers, school or parents might be unhappy if you go for the whole head. When you have your hair in a ponytail you will reveal the magic beneath but you can trick everyone into thinking your hair is perfectly normal when worn loose.

Combine styles

In the last few years, ombre hair really took off and it’s still holding strong as a chic style for most people. The graduation from dark to light is a great look for the summer and it works really well for people who want to try out the holographic hairstyle. Rather than having your whole head of hair bleached, you could just get from almost halfway to your tips treated with the holographic colouring. Not only is this style likely to be healthier for your hair but it also lowers your commitment to the style in case you’re not really sure.

Unicorn Hair by Love Ravayana

Just go temporary

Love the holographic hairstyle but only want it for festivals this summer? Well, according to Yahoo you can create a washout holographic hair colour. Beauty writer, Kathleen Hou says:

“In high school, I tried all types of coloured hair mascara and sprays only to find that nothing showed up in my dark hair. But Pecis and his team were able to use L’Oreal’s range of Color Insta Sprays in lavender, light green and teal to create a ‘headband’ halo of holographic-hued hair.”

Kathleen’s headband of holographic hair is also a cute idea and perfect for a temporary mix up! Make sure you have fun with the holographic hairstyle and share your hair experiments on Instagram for other people to take inspiration from! Our own team are even big fans of experimenting with hair colour; with Elin Mai sporting bright red locks and Molly from Style Doctors USA with pink hair.

by Chloe Marchbank

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