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How To Create The Perfect Casual Mens Wardrobe

Creating the perfect casual men’s wardrobe is not an easy task, however our stylists at Style Doctors are on hand to de-mystify the task.

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for every man, however finding the perfect wash and fit can be a struggle. They must be comfortable, durable and high quality as jeans are the perfect base to a casual outfit.

Edwin was established in 1947 and has been credited with contributing to the success of denim in Japan. Edwin champions superior quality and craftsmanship, utilising exclusive fabrics and unique production processes. Since 1947, Edwin jeans have been a front runner in the denim world. This is a brand that constantly pushes the boundaries when it comes to creating denim fashion and is one that has revolutionised the industry.


Shirt | Red Dot Logo T-Shirt | Regular Tapered Jeans, Unwashed | Waffle Long Sleeve T-Shirt | Watch | Beanie | Trainers

Edwin, now available at John Lewis provides a mix of stylistic influences. Their latest collection focuses on signature denim styling, quality fabrics and innovative wash treatments, balancing the modern with the traditional. Edwin focuses on the “‘super-normal’, and the everyday basics that we take for granted, but are essential to the modern man’s wardrobe”.  Sometimes less is more and simple styling for men is the best option.

Achieving a effortless look, appearing urban yet understated is something most men aspire to. Many don’t realise how easy it can be and simplicity is key. Its all about just going with it and not trying too hard, allowing your personality to shine through. Don’t let your clothes wear you!


Standard Black Watch Tartan Shirt | Regular Tapered Jeans, Unwashed | Flight Jacket, Uniform Green | Beanie | Trainers | Watch | Vest

Simple doesn’t mean boring either. Taking a clean-calm approach allows the focus to base around shape and silhouette. Layering neutral tones such as a white button-down and a cool grey bomber, are easy on the eye. Breaking up the palette with a soft warm plaid, invites a touch of colour into the look without appearing too busy or over-done. Edwin jeans come in a variety of attractive finishes which can also help add depth and texture to the outfit. Roll up your Edwin’s, pair with some old-school vans and you’re good to go #ootd!

Shopping for the perfect capsule wardrobe that makes your ‘get ready’ morning routine quick and easy, doesn’t have to be challenging. With the help of our stylists at Style Doctors during a full day or half day session, we can create a wardrobe that fits you and your lifestyle. Book one of our menswear styling packages today to be on your way to style perfection!

aya-personal-stylist-style-doctors-london lizzie-style-doctors-personal-stylists-londonby Aya & Lizzie

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