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How to layer successfully

Autumn is in full swing now, and winter is creeping up quickly. The most important thing to remember while shopping and dressing yourself during these colder months is layers. Not only are layers functional, but they are great tools for creating shape, depth, dimension and movement to your outfits. If you follow the following advice on how to layer successfully, you’ll be styled from head to toe all season long!

Each piece has a purpose

Think of the simple layered formula of a turtleneck and suede jacket. Now think about how a wool scarf would affect the outfit. Your neck is already covered, and you have strong texture already in the suede. Adding a scarf may make you too warm and uncomfortable. If you decide to wear it and then take it off during the day, you may feel like your outfit is incomplete. Each piece of your outfit should have purpose, and if it doesn’t, leave it at home. Add a clustered gem necklace as an accessory around the neck instead. This way, you don’t have unnecessary layers and you’re still accessorized.

Pieces are complimentary and versatile

Like any other outfit, it’s important to make sure that all elements of the layered ensemble are complimentary. This means that you have the right amount of textures, the right balance of colours, and the right fit in the right place. A great example of this would be pairing a midi dress, tights, a jacket, and a skinny scarf. A midi dress in a solid colour, like black or blue, would be a great canvas for the rest of the outfit. Opaque black tights and black booties elongate the leg and keep a streamlined look. The eyes will be on your fitted jacket and scarf, which you wear effortlessly. A cinched waist in the jacket will enhance your shape even further, and a skinny scarf is the perfect accessory to the look without overwhelming the other pieces.

After you’ve layered your outfit, you should feel complete and confident. Trust your gut with this one – if it looks like too much, it probably is. If it doesn’t look complete, add a duster or a waist coat. And if you worry about which colours go with which, stick to neutrals. Neutrals compliment everything, and that way you can play with a pop of colour in the dress, jewelry, or scarf! Invest in layering pieces that you know you can wear again and again, and mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe. Our rule at Style Doctors is that if you can’t imagine wearing it three different ways with the clothes you already have in your closet, leave it at the store.


Glamorous Fur Gilet | Phase Eight Turtleneck (navy) | 7 For All Mankind Jeans | Kaliko Dress (wrap) | Sole Society Scarf (blue) | Topshop Trousers (tan) | Quiz Waistcoat (white) | Pied a Terre Suede Jacket (grey) | Jaeger Cape Sweater | Loveless Cardigan (grey) | Viktoria Hayman Necklace (pearl) | San Diego Blanket Scarf (brown) | Sea Eyelet Skirt | Carven Sleeveless Blouse (white) | H&M Necklace (gold) | Blugirl Folies Coat (leopard)

You’re comfortable

Layers can take a look from plain to stellar. But if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re not going to feel stellar. And feeling good is just as important as appearing put together. If you’re too hot, or squeezed into a dress, or pinched into a pair of stilettos, or scratching at the clasp of a necklace all day, you’re not going to wear the outfit well. Good posture, a confident walk, and a genuine smile are all attributes of looking and presenting yourself in the best way you can, and comfortability definitely falls into that equation.

Think about the things in your closet already. Do you have scarves, jackets, waist coats, dusters, cardigans, jumpers, and vests? Take fifteen minutes to try mixing and matching some outfit ideas. You probably have more options in your wardrobe than you thought. Need help layering in style? Reach out to our team to schedule a home wardrobe visit from one of our professional stylists.

xo Molly

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