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How To Look Good Quickly

“Free time.” Sound like a fantasy? Whether you’re a mum with a full schedule, a travelling businesswoman, or someone who is locked to her office chair, your schedule affects your style. There is definitely a science to getting dressed quickly, efficiently, and stylishly. Style Doctors can teach you how to look good quickly without breaking the bank or sacrificing your schedule.

What to look for

Whether you’re searching for the comfort-durability combo, or looking for something on the professional side, Style Doctors understands every woman’s wardrobe needs. And every wardrobe has pieces with the potential to be styled quickly! Think high street stores mixed with pieces from your favorite designers to form the perfect capsule wardrobe. And no wardrobe is complete without the right undergarments. Style Doctors loves Shapeez bras for fit and comfort, as well as how nice they look under clothes. With the right bra, confidence skyrockets and clothes look their absolute best.


Colours are an extension of your personality. When you wear the right colours for you, your confidence flourishes and your complexion pops. With a wardrobe full of mismatched hues, getting dressed every day can be stressful. When you have a wardrobe full of colours that work in harmony with each other (like the outfit below), selecting outfits becomes a doddle.


The accessories are the finishing touches to every outfit! Anyone can go out and ‘buy’ clothes, but not everyone can ‘style’ them. Whether you’re a classic woman, a sporty woman, a high fashion woman, a great outfit is an outfit that’s been put together. This doesn’t require hours of your time, but simply requires having the right items in your wardrobe. Accessories can elevate an outfit and is a great (and quick) way to add personality your outfits. Putting on a necklace takes less than a minute and can not only elevate your outfit but help balance-out proportions, draw attention to or away from a certain area and can be used to add more depth to an outfit.

Pink Pleated Skirt | Espadrille Wedges | Black Jumper | Necklace | Bangles | Bucket Bag | Sunglasses | Shapeez Bra | Inspo

One-chain necklaces, sleek belts, and carry-all totes are all great options when you don’t have time to think about “what goes with what” in the morning. Investing in high quality shoes and bags is going to serve you well in the long run, since you use these pieces every day. And a sleek leather bag or heel can completely elevate an outfit that you got from high street stores.

Speed Styling Event with Style Doctors

A complete wardrobe that’s simple, functional, and fashionable is a must-have for every woman. Style Doctors is here to help. Still wondering how to look good quickly? We will be going into more detail about the art of ‘Speed Styling’ at our upcoming event. If you haven’t booked your ticket yet, you can get yours here. The team will be on hand to share their style tips, make-up makeovers, bra fittings and much more.

by Molly

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