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How To Style A White Shirt

The white shirt is a staple piece we’ve all acquired in our wardrobes (whether it sees the light of day or not). The now staple item was once considered solely for men and an undergarment (under waistcoats and blazers) with only the cuffs and collar to be on show. However, it now poses as an extremely versatile and affordable piece of clothing item in both menswear and womenswear today. As personal stylists, we’ve bought thousands of white shirts across the years!

Despite the white shirt being a common item in your wardrobe it is easy for it to get unnoticed or become uninspiring. However, this simple clothing item has reinvented itself over the years. There is a reason the White shirt always makes its way into your closet as it serves as a classic piece than can be styled to suit any occasion.

How To Style A White Shirt Casually

For many the white shirt represents an item for the office working mans Monday to Friday wardrobe but that is no longer the case. You can dress down a white shirt pairing it with dark wash denim jeans and ankle boots to give it that off-duty vibe.

Alternatively you can opt for a white shirt with detail; for example the wrap shirt is great for flattering a larger bust and you can pair this with jeans and a heeled boot option to give a smart casual twist to an otherwise serious white shirt. Accessories such as aviator sunglasses and back packs can further tone down the classic white shirt and make it appear to be a casual off duty clothing item.


V Neck White Blouse | Animal Print Backpack | Belt | Black Jeans | Belted Blouse | Watch | Suede Boots | Sunglasses | White Tee | Necklace

If you really want to make things casual but stylish you can opt for an oversized shirt with leather trousers or waxed black jeans to give an edgier alternative the usual shirt and jeans combination. The white shirt is not just for city living, it can also become a staple piece in your suitcase for a beach holiday. You can take the over sized white shirt and wear over your bikini and leave the buttons un-done for an understated thrown together look. You can also have it double-up as a shirt dress paired with a waist belt and wedges for your summer evening dinners.

How To Style A White Shirt Formally

A white shirt tucked into an A- line skirt is a great way to look smart and stylish at work. This way of styling the shirt is particularly flattering for both an hourglass and pear shaped body types as the proportions of the skirt balance out the hips, whilst tucking in the shirt draws the eye to the smallest point on the body (the waist). This style of wearing a shirt is extremely versatile and is suitable for both summer and winter.


Embellished collar blouse | Metallic Clutch | Midi Skirt | Tweed Trousers | Sandals | Sunglasses | Ribbon Tie Blouse | Button Down | Necklace

A lighter material (shown above) is perfect for formal occasions like summer weddings whereas materials like black leather would be great for the winter as it adds texture and can make an otherwise feminine outfit more edgy, yet remains smart and work appropriate. If you’re not a skirt person, trousers are completely fine too. Straight cut leg, wide leg and culottes style trousers are perfect styles to match with the white shirt in a formal setting.

A checked trouser in a muted colour and dramatic shaped clean and crisp white shirt like shown in the board paired with simple strapped heels is a great look for an athletic or tall silhouette. Although on paper there seems to be a lot going on with the shirt, it adds drama to the top half of the body and can flatter a not so busty chest. In addition to this, the white and grey palette compliment each other and the black heels match the checked detail on the trousers and ties the look together.

The white shirt is extremely versatile to style and comes in a number of shapes, sizes and styles. As you can see these are just a handful of ways to style the white shirt. If you need guidance on how to style a white shirt to suit your figure, book one of our stylists today and we can help you figure out how to take your white shirt from work and formal functions to date nights, shopping trips and beach holidays. To meet our stylists and ask them questions in person, join us at our Evening Of Style.

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