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How To Wear A Scarf

If you’re like the majority of women, you probably have a box or a bag or a hanging carousel of scarves that you’ve collected over the years. Maybe you wear some of them, and maybe you haven’t touched them in six months. Style Doctors wants you to utilise your scarves to their highest potential, so that’s why we’re here with some helpful advice and styling tips on how to wear a scarf.

Spring Cleaning

Alright, it doesn’t need to be spring time. But you do really need to go through your scarves and pick and choose which ones you actually wear and which ones you don’t really like. If you have 30 scarves hanging on the back of your bedroom door that you don’t wear anymore, they’re just taking up space. What’s more, someone else could be enjoying those scarves! So hand them down to family members or friends who you think would like them.

Know Your Scarves

Do you favour the thinner, pussy-bow-type scarves, or are you more of a blanket scarf girl? Do you rock the infinity scarf or prefer your scarves to hang down long on either side? Maybe you’re owning all of these styles! And that’s fine, but it’s important to know that you cannot wear all scarves the same way. They need to be styled differently based on shape, size, fabric, and print/colour.

Thin scarves can be worn delicately around the neck, sometimes tied in a bow or small knot. These usually come in silks or satin-y materials for a very romantic look.

Infinity scarves are very casual, and usually come in knits or cotton blends. These are great for accessorising a winter coat when you’re out and about, because they usually do create noticeable volume that can be distracting if worn alone. Pair yours with your coat or a jacket, and switch it out for a statement necklace once you get to where you’re going.

Here are some examples we’ve put together of how you can wear your favourite scarves:


Mint Velvet scarf | Michael Kors drawstring trousers | French Connection t-shirt | Karen Millen belt | Karen Millen coat | Kurt Geiger heels | Mango earrings

Classic Scarves can be in any material; usually a cotton or wool blend. It tends to be pretty long and open at each end, unlike the infinity scarf. These are perfect for wrapping around the neck in different knot styles, or letting fall loose on either side. You can also belt your classic scarf to create a sharper waist definition.

Blanket Scarves are a huge trend right now, and perfect for the colder winter months. They’re large in size, like a blanket, and are usually a heavier material like wool or something similar. They often come in pretty neutral hues and patterns, so they present the perfect opportunity to accessorise even more. Wear it like an open cape, or belt it for waist definition.

Here are some examples we’ve put together of how you can wear your favourite scarves:


Hallhuber high waisted skirt | Hobbs blouse | MAC lipstick | Carvela trainers | Topshop scarf | Topshop coat | Calvin Klein clutch

Be creative with your scarves. Play with different colours, fabrics, styles and patterns to see which ones work best for you. Try wrapping scarves around your head like a turban, or through your hair like a colourful woven braid. Wear them around your waist like a belt or tie them to your favourite handbag. If you need advice when it comes to styling your scarves, or other winter accessories, reach out to our friendly styling team! We love to hear from you.

xo Molly

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