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How To Wear Colour In Winter

Yes, the British winter can get very gloomy in winter and can make you feel a bit lazy and the days seem grey, but that gives us no reason to dress the same! A little colour in your winter wardrobe will do wonders for your style and also make you look and feel lively in this weather. Have you noticed that the minute the weather changes the colour palette does as well? We think that of all the times during the year to wear colour it should be winter. It will lift your mood and everyone else around you!

Even something as little as a bright nail paint can make an entire outfit lighten up. Fashion is not only about looking good, but is about feeling great as well!

Experiment and liven up your wardrobe this year with a pop of colour; and we have rounded off some the top picks for this season below.



No matter what your style or comfort level, we have just the right look for you!

Whether you wear all nude or all black, accessorise the look with a pair of coloured shoes, bag or even a coat. Always remember: make sure the colours of the accessories match, just to make sure you are not going over board with using colour. For example, the all nude look with a pop of colour in the shoes and bag is a great look for the day. It is subtle and is ultra chic. The colours are muted and the shoes and bag bring life to the entire outfit. Similarly with the all black look. Teaming a red coat and shoes with a blood red fluffy clutch bag brings the entire look together and you are ready to hit the town at night!

So why not try some simple tricks of using colour in your wardrobe like a simple pink knit, an electric blue dress or even an orange nail paint? Yes ladies, even the smallest touch of colour in your winter wardrobe can be easily noticeable in the grey days of season.

We also often find that people tend to discard colourful clothes when it gets cold as they think they can only be worn in Summer but our stylists can show you how to make that bright skirt work in Winter as well!

To know more about how to style your wardrobe with a dash of colour this season, book yourself a personal shopper session!

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