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How To Wear Florals This Spring

Spring is officially here and with it, the new season brings countless new trends. We can’t help thinking about the Miranda Priestly quote “Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking” however this season they’re back in a whole different way, and as we always say – It’s all about the styling!

Florals have been popular in spring for years, however some people are still intimidated to wear a full floral outfit. From accessories, to dresses, to trousers, florals are being seen all over both the high street and luxury shops this year. It may seem challenging when thinking about how to work in floral prints to your everyday outfits, or even more intimidating the idea of mixing floral prints, but don’t worry because we’ve put together an outfit for you that will show you how to put together floral prints and be perfect for this season!

Our founder Elin Mai has truly embraced the floral trend and has gone for print on print for her seventies inspired look here.

“My tip is to choose two prints that have at least one matching colour. This will help ensure that the outfit looks balanced and harmonious. I also recommend using accessories to help tie in the outfit”.

How To Wear Florals This Spring

Floral Flares | Floral Crop Top | Wedge Sandals | Scarf | Earrings | Straw Bag | Sunglasses

Are you ready for floral flares? Elin has an athletic body shape which means that she doesn’t have a defined waist and is straight up and down, however these high waisted flares help give the illusion of a waist.

“I love flares because the volume at the bottom helps give the illusion of a smaller, defined waist which I don’t have. These flares also have a back zip which is much more flattering than a front fastening.”

If you’d like even more tips on what to wear this season, or even if you just need some extra styling help in general, our stylists are here to help and can find whatever it is you’re looking for. Treat yourself this year and book a session with one of our stylists today!

by Megan

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