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Why you should Invest in a Personal Stylist

There’s no confidence booster quite like honing in on your own personal style and then expressing yourself accordingly. Sometimes it’s not easy to pinpoint, though. That’s where your personal stylist comes in.

The first step to finding your personal style is to look for inspiration. You can look online, on TV, in magazines, and even on the street for fashion and accessories that catch your eye. Thoughts like “I’d love to wear that,” and “S/he looks phenomenal, I wish I could pull that off,” are what you want to mentally note. Once you can pick out some repetitive looks, inspirations and ideas, your personal stylist helps these things come to life.

Your Style Doctor will then take those sources of inspiration – paired with what she knows about you and your lifestyle – and will help you develop a wardrobe based on your budget, body type, color palette, lifestyle, and personality.

The benefits of investing in a personal stylist

Style Doctors prides itself in its all-female team of expert stylists. We know how to create a well-rounded wardrobe that is comprised of essentials as well as trendy pieces that reflect you. Budget is never a barrier.

Your stylist will have a great knowledge of the stores and retailers in your area, and will take you to the places that you can find things for your budget and lifestyle. She will know how to select necklines, hemlines, fits, and colours, and how to style those pieces with what you already own. You’ll be left with multiple looks that highlight your silhouette and your best features.

A personal stylist’s goal is to have you feeling great after a successful appointment. Style Doctors leaves you with an arsenal of knowledge about yourself, your body type, and your colouring so you can feel confident to shop for yourself and style your own outfits in the future. This priceless investment leaves you with the knowledge to dress and style yourself for a lifetime.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment with our stylists in London, or if you just want to browse and see your options, visit our packages page. We also offer online consultations if geographic location is an obstacle. Our stylists can’t wait to meet you and help you gain confidence through personal style.


by Molly

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