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It’s Time To De-Clutter Your Wardrobe

I often get asked by my clients at this time of year, what the best way is to spring clean their wardrobes and get it ‘summer ready’. And whilst I love ALL clothes and anything fashion, I’m a firm believer in a good wardrobe spruce-up, and there’s no better time than now to de-clutter your wardrobe and empty those drawers!

Here are my rules for a wardrobe SOS call


Clothes that fit well are both slimming and flattering, they can take years off a person just as well as the new leading moisturiser or a fancy hairstyle can. A tailor can very easily and hem a dress or take in the waist of your favourite trousers that fit really well everywhere except for that gape at the back you’re always trying to conceal.

RULE 2 (…following on from Rule 1)

Don’t put back in your closet until it’s mended, altered, or dry-cleaned and ready to wear!


If you like something but you haven’t worn it in two years, likelihood is you’re not going to. This especially applies for any items that still have their tags attached! Either donate it to charity or sell online.



Shoes – There’s no better way to ruin a great outfit than shoddy footwear. Take your heeled shoes and boots to the cobbler and get them re-heeled regularly. Polish, buff and keep them stuffed with scrunched up magazine pages when not worn to help them retain their shape


Throw out those skinny jeans that you used to fit once upon a time. Aside from the taking up valuable wardrobe space, every time you try to squeeze into clothes that don’t fit (and worse still attempt to wear them!), they serve as a torture instrument (both metaphorically and literally). Start dressing for the shape and figure you are now, and you will find that you can dress yourself slimmer, taller and more confident.

Stephanie x

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