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Key Accessories Every Man Needs

Accessories are the finishing touches to any outfit; they have the ability to to elevate a look to the next level depending on whether you want to tone down an outfit or smarten it up.

All too often the word ‘Accessory’ holds feminine connotations and makes you think of jewellery and fanciful handbags, which are all typically related to womenswear. However, despite this, the same effect accessories have for women still applies for men.

Accessories for men have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years and there is now a suitable accessory for every man from any walk of life. Whether you have a flamboyant style personality or you’re more understated, our stylists can recommend the perfect accessories for you.

Key Accessories Every Man Needs

Are you someone that uses the same bag for the gym, a weekend away and for work? That branded bag may be ok for the gym however more often than not, it won’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to complimenting your more formal outfits.

Think understated and minimal when selecting a great bag and a rucksack or holdall that will work with whatever you’re wearing is a must. When selecting a bag for work, we recommend going for black or navy as this will ensure that whatever you’re wearing on any given day will work in harmony with your accessories.


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Ally Capellino initially started making bags for men in 2005. The reaction was cautious; bags for men? Rucksacks were only for mountaineers and totes only for women to carry groceries in. How things have changed. Ally Capellino accessories have taken their place on the global stage, reliant not on trends, but on timelessness and quality of design, and discreetly representative of a discerning type of modern consumer.

With back-packs, duffel bags, key chains and sleek wallets amongst the brands archive, Ally Capellino is more than just your average men’s accessories option but more of a lifestyle brand. The designs are minimal and sleek which make for easy styling. The pieces are functional and practically fits into your everyday life. For example the duffel bag is practical enough to carry around your gym wear discreetly and equally stylish for a weekend getaway. From  British manufacturing and waxed cotton, Italian veg tanned leather and attention to detail and functionality make up the unique mix of quirk and quality that is Ally Capellino.

If you’re unsure about which accessories to invest in, why not book a style session with one of our stylists?

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