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Petite, Plus or Tall? Learn Where To Shop For Your Shape

We often get emails from unhappy shoppers that find it difficult shopping for their body shape and height. If you’re petite, tall, plus or just a UK average size 16 read on as we’ll be discussing where to shop for your shape and more importantly proving that whatever shape or size you are there are shops out there for you.

A big part of being a personal shopper at Style Doctors is being able to dress anyone whatever their shape, size and budget. That means that all of our personal shoppers and personal stylists know exactly which stores to find the best items for all of their clients. Just by looking at you,one of our stylists can tell you immediately which shop will have the best jeans for you, the best jackets and even the most comfortable shoes.


If you’re someone that always visits the same shops as you only think you can shop there, our stylists will show you other places that you would possibly never expect to be great for you. It’s our stylists job to know if a certain shop has tops in a certain length or that their jeans are higher in the waist than other shops.

Most of our clients that fall into a specialised category are amazed as to how many shops they can visit after a shopping trip with one of our personal shoppers. Rather than sticking to a small selection within a shop, your stylist would show you how to make more of what’s in every store work for you.

If you’re someone that struggles to shop for your shape and always visit the same shop, you’d be amazed what one of our personal shoppers can show you in as little as two hours. Have a look at our packages here.

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