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Looking Fabulous After 40

At Style Doctors, we believe that anyone of any age, shape and size can and deserves to look their best every single day. In a world where brands often use younger models to advertise their clothing, it’s the over 40 woman that often gets forgotten. In this post we will be sharing our stylist tips on looking fabulous after 40.

As women, we are always being told that we should ‘dress a certain way’ after a certain age. Body-shapes change with age, and this can often lead to uncertainties when shopping and styling yourself. We often hear ‘ I don’t want to dress like my daughter but also don’t want to dress like my mother’.

Now we’re not saying that every woman over 40 should dress a certain way but there are rules (although we hate that word) or a formula to follow. It’s all about understanding what works for your body shape, your lifestyle and your colouring and dressing in a confident way. Read more on confident dressing here in one of our previous posts.

Understanding your body shape

The key to having a wardrobe that makes you feel good is to understand your body. Why? Unless you know what shape you are, you will never be able to buy the correct clothing to flatter your figure. This is where positive dressing comes into play. Most women will think about the part of the body they dislike the most and dress to cover that part when in fact, they should be dressing to highlight their best part.

Main image: Lady Of StyleReiss jacket | Guerlain lip colour | Guerlain nail polish | Phase Eight earrings | Phase Eight jeans | Reiss mules | Reiss blouse | Shapeez bra | Phase Eight bag

As personal stylists, this is something we see time and time again. We often hear “I hate my bum” and people then look for clothes that hide their bum OR “I don’t like my legs” and then wear items that totally hide their legs. We challenge you to saying out loud what your favourite body part is and dressing up that part!

Having a wardrobe that reflects your lifestyle

Perhaps your lifestyle is very different now to what it was five years ago? Three children later, five house moves and a change of career has left your wardrobe looking like a mish-mash of looks. One of the biggest mistakes we see women making is dressing for a lifestyle they had or wish they had. Both of these are not productive of positive. The only way to dress is for the here and now and that means thinking honestly about how you spend your time.

Are you a stay at home Mum with the kids 24/7? Dry clean only garments and a wardrobe full of cocktail dresses probably isn’t what you want. You need a stylish wardrobe that makes you look and feel good everyday. Have you recently retired but your wardrobe is made-up of 90% corporate clothes? It’s time to re-address that balance and invest in a wardrobe that’s more in keeping with your new lifestyle.

Reiss jeansGuerlain mascara | Shapeez undergarmentPhase Eight long top | Reiss vestPhase Eight espadrilles | Phase Eight necklaceReiss sunglasses

Whatever stage you’re at in life, the aim of all our style sessions is to understand the real you and curate a wardrobe perfect for your lifestyle. View all our style experiences here.

Dressing for your colouring

Our skin changes with age and the colours that worked in our twenties might no longer be suitable. When you understand the power of colour and know which colour palette suits you, shopping and putting outfits together becomes a lot easier. All our style sessions include advice on colours and colour placement if you’d like to find out more.

If you’d like to hear more tips from our stylists, we are holding a Fabulous After 40 event at Westfield London on the 31st of May. Tickets can be found here.

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