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Looking Good In A Hurry

Summer is all about being ready for any event in any weather forecast at the drop of a hat. Having to incorporate every weather element under the sun and do it quickly is enough to overwhelm anyone. Whether you’re a mum with a full schedule, a travelling businesswoman, or someone who is locked to her office chair, your schedule always affects your style. There IS and art to looking good in a hurry and here are our tips…

Where to start

Every wardrobe has potential pieces to be styled quickly, all you need is the basics to go off of. The key items to start with are a fun pair of trainers, high-quality/ flattering jeans, a simple top, and a statement jacket or other accessory. These accessories could vary depending on what event you are styling for. If you have a full on-the-go day, try a statement colour-popping bag for versatility and stylishness. If your day is going to turn quickly into an evening, a combination of vibrant necklaces or earrings will set your outfit apart from day-to-day wear. Need inspiration? Think high street stores mixed with pieces from your favourite high-end designers. It’s always worth investing more in the wardrobe staples such as leather jackets, shoes and bags.


Neutrals are not what they used to be. Patterns in neutral colours, soft pinks and creams, and textured fabrics can work as a base for any outfit. A day-to-day look should be comfortable and something you do not want to have to think too much on while in a rush. A simple texture round-neck top with nice denim and a sharp leather jacket is the perfect to-go. Pairing neutrals with neutrals allows you to add one statement piece to your look.

Metallic Top | Layered Necklace | Sunglasses | Jeans | Cross Body Bag | Snake Print Belt | Leather Jacket | Earrings | Sandals

Finishing Touches

A statement piece is the most efficient way to dress up any regular outfit. Adding an accessory like a snakeskin belt or bag are perfect to add to look “effortlessly cool.” Statement jewellery like strong gold tassels earrings or a multi-chain large necklace are always the right answer to any simple outfit, especially for an evening look. Whether you only feel like you could pull off one of these looks or all of them this summer is the time live in style.

Speed Styling Saturday

Do you have some burning style questions you’d like to ask? Would you like to hear some top style tips on dressing for your own busy lifestyle? During our Speed Styling event on Saturday the 1st of July, our stylists will be sharing their expert tips on looking good in a hurry.

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by Peyton & Maggie

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