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Looking Good When Working Out

To some, looking good while working out is a must. While others might not think that fashion matters when they exercise…we believe that looking good when working out makes a big difference. This isn’t to say that getting ‘all dolled up’ with excessive make up will make a difference in your work out routine. However, feeling comfortable and dressing to your body type will give you more confidence in your routine.

Fitting clothes that accentuate your body can help build the confidence you need to get through your work out. It’s surprising how an outfit can completely change your attitude and mindset. Loose and baggy clothing will make you look and feel less body-confident. Maybe you feel tight yoga pants aren’t the best look for you…but they allow you the mobility and flexibility to move in ways you wouldn’t otherwise be able to in heavy sweat pants or excess material.

Just like your everyday clothes, your workout clothes should reflect your personality. ‘If you look good, you feel good’ is our motto and this applies to every aspect of your life.


Do you see women in perfectly coordinated work-out clothes and wish you could look as ‘put together’ as they do? You can! There is an abundance of choice out there at the moment with every sports and high street retailer understanding the importance of looking good while you workout. With so many retailers now stocking sports clothes, these can now become an extension of your everyday wardrobe.

Whether you run, walk, jog, or take a dance class we can’t stress the importance of looking good while you look work-out and we’ve put together some of the best work-out clothing out there at the moment.

If you’d like more information about which work-out clothes to buy, why not book a personal shopping session with one of our experts.

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