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Me And My Personal Stylist: Repeat Customers

Being one of the longest running personal styling companies in the UK means that we have helped change the lives of over a thousand men and women over the years. And a great testament to our world class services are that many of our clients return year on year to meet up with their personal stylist to shop again.

Many celebrities class their personal stylists as their best friends as they’re the person who helps them look their best at all times. These relationships last years and our warm and friendly personal stylists also develop strong and lasting relationships with their clients.

Some clients have been seeing some of our stylists for ten years returning thrice or twice yearly for top-ups or new wardrobes. These clients do not shop at all in the meantime and only spend money on clothes at these times. If you’re someone who ends up spending money every time you venture into a shop and if you added all of those purchases together you wouldn’t like to see the amount this could be for you.

Some people ask us if they really don’t but one thing and the answer is yes. As it’s out stylists jobs to ensure that every item of clothing that is bought is multi-use and can be worn in tens of different ways people find that they have endless amounts of outfits that all look different from one occasion to the next. As our stylists teach people how to style their clothes with accessories and jewellery people are able to create stylish outfits easily.


Some people ask. Don’t they learn enough to do it themselves? That’s almost like saying; you’ve been to see the doctor five times this year, you don’t need him or her any more. Of course, people learn something every time they shop however it’s the convenience, the speed and the rate of success that brings people back.

If you asked any of our stylist where you could find a grey cashmere jumper that’s washable they could list all of the shops they’re available. Tasks that could take a normal shopper 3 hours would be completed by a stylist in under 20 minutes. As they know where to locate everything, shopping is easy!

And that’s why so many of our amazing clients return to us year on year. Of course, thee is no pressure to rebook but once people see how much time and money it saves you, the often come back.

Images: Hollywood Reporter

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