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Meet The Personal Stylist Brandy

We have a diverse team of stylists here at Style Doctors who work with anyone and everyone around the globe. Each one of our styling team has a wide client base and each one helps change someone’s life each and every day.

Our stylists are trained in the art of colour and have an in-depth knowledge of cut, tailoring and silhouettes to suit different body shapes. A great stylist will be able to understand you and your requirements within a few minutes of meeting you. At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having the ultimate team of experts that can work with both male and female clients.

Our Meet The Stylist feature tells you more about our team and this post is dedicated to Brandy, the first male stylist to join Style Doctors.

Your Approach to Personal Styling

My approach to styling is that no matter your shape, size or height, you can always look sharp and feel comfortable. My ultimate goal is to find that comfort zone and enhance someone’s style.

Brandy’s Personal Style

As a stylist, I am a big fan of colours. I enjoy shades that fit with each other well. I’m really into the 1930’s era and the jazzy but tailored Italian looks, I try to replicate them by adding a modern twist.

Why do you think it’s important for men to make an effort with their style?

I believe that a man’s dress sense tells a lot about his personality – a well-kept man always looks like he knows what he’s doing. Whether it’s a casual weekend outfit or a sharp business look, a well put together outfit speaks volumes.

These days men have as many options as women, whereas men sometimes lack patience and creativity and often stay inside their comfort zone.

What do you most enjoy about styling?

I just love everything about styling – the people you meet, the conversations, building really good relationships and most importantly you leave another human being with newfound confidence! Seeing people smile is the most beautiful thing about my job.

Tell us about a styling session or client who stood out to you.

One that really stood out for me was when a client wanted to completely change his wardrobe, but he had no idea how to do so. We created whole new look for him from scratch in minimum time. The reason this stood out was because he was really wanting to change and has been for a while but didn’t know how to even start (which is often what I find with men).

Contact us to book your session with our male stylist Brandy.

by Deni

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