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Meet the Personal Stylist – Roxy

At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having the ultimate team of experts that can work with anyone and everyone. Our stylists are trained in the art of colour, body shapes and have an in-depth knowledge of both high street and designer stores. Each one of our styling team have a diverse client base and each one of our personal stylists helps change someone’s wardrobe (and life) every day.

Find out a little bit more about our friendly team in our Meet the Personal Stylist feature. This post is dedicated to personal stylist Roxy.

Meet The Personal Stylist // Roxy

My journey as a personal stylist started way before I knew it was an actual job. I used to be the girl that all my friends wanted to take shopping because of my ability to put interesting clothes together.

“What I love the most about my job is the power of clothes and the way they completely change your confidence, impact your self-esteem and the way you walk into a room. It’s such a rewarding feeling to be able to see someone’s attitude completely transformed just because of the outfit they’re wearing”

The most rewarding thing about my job is making people feel confident changing their state of mind and seeing the transformation from finding it hard to choose an outfit every morning to knowing exactly what suits their body shape and what works for them.

Roxy’s Personal Style

When it comes to my own personal style, I like to mix things together. I actually have two contrasting looks when it comes to my usual style and it always depends on my mood and how I am feeling that day.

“Because of my job, I like to feel comfy casual, Sports Luxe is my go-to look. My other side is chic and more feminine but with a fun twist, I don’t like the use of the word quirky to describe my personal style but more artsy!”

What our clients say

“I purchased the home visit styling option as I wanted to have inspirational help in pulling together new outfits for work. Roxy was amazing and exceeded my expectations. This was my first appointment with Roxy and she caught on to what I liked to wear so quickly. She pulled together so many wonderful creative outfits. She’s brilliant at mixing and matching various prints and colour to make an outfit truly interesting. Roxy also helped me organise my wardrobe so it will be much easier in the morning to pull together outfits. I highly recommend this service. Can’t wait for Monday to start showcasing my newly inspired outfits” – Meera

“It was an amazing experience! I was on maternity leave and recently returned to work and I realized that I need to renew my wardrobe. Roxy was my stylist and I would definitely recommend her to all my friends! Roxy helped me to find amazing clothes that suits me perfectly and look very stylish. Also everything can mix and match with one another and in total I got around 30 combinations that I could wear to work or to meet friends. Thank you so much, Roxy” – Yana

“Was given this as a gift and was sceptical I’d enjoy it or get meaningful benefit from it. Had a 2 hour session with Roxy and it was an eye opener. She understood my requirements almost exactly, had done allot of research and preparation, which meant I got allot out of a short session. We went to exactly the right shops and tried just the right selection of clothes. Discovered I’ve been looking at the wrong sized clothes (!) and found a whole palette of colours I hadn’t considered before, that actually really suit me. Until you’ve experienced a really good stylist at work, its hard to believe how much of a positive difference they can make. Am very impressed + I had fun. Thanks” – John

To book the Roxy or one of our other stylists for a personal styling experience, contact us. You can also meet some of our other personal stylists at Style Doctors here.

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