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Meet The Personal Stylist – Sunna

At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having the ultimate team of experts that can work with anyone and everyone. Our stylists are trained in the art of colour, body shapes and have an in-depth knowledge of both high street and designer stores. Each one of our styling team have a diverse client base and each one of our personal stylists helps change someones wardrobe (and life) every day.

Find out a little bit more about our friendly team in our Meet The Personal Stylist feature. This post is dedicated to personal stylist Sunna.

Meet The Personal Stylist // Sunna

I started styling, without knowing what it was called, at about 14. I loved rummaging through second hand shops and high street stores and putting together outfits on a budget for my friends and family. My first official styling job was for my A-level History of Art Teacher, who wore 70’s suits when they were not fashionable.. He is now married and I take full credit :-) Then after running my own boutique in Notting Hill and working as a manager and buyer for Simon Burstein (of Browns), I realised that the part of my job I loved the best was helping people to make the most of themselves. Personal styling does just that.

The thing I love about being a stylist the most is the people I work with, using my creativity and thinking on my feet. Style Doctors have the most amazing clients and I enjoy the social side and the challenge of every one.

My clients are men and women from a wide age range and many different backgrounds. My youngest client was 11 and my oldest was 82. I love connecting with people and everything I do stems from that connection. In terms of professions, I’ve work with everyone from psychologists to ‘stay at home mums’ to dog-walkers to CEO’s of major companies.

Understanding my client’s own sense of style, their insecurities and aspirations, the demands of their lifestyle and then fulfilling the brief is so satisfying and rewarding.

Your Personal Style

I always try to keep an open mind about what I try on. You can often be surprised, and something that has no hanger appeal might look great on visa versa. My natural style always has a playful element and in terms of decades the 50’s and 70’s suit me best.  Navy and grey are my go too base colours (much softer than black for a fair blonde) and I love wearing blues and greens which bring out my eyes. I also love burnt orange, warm red, khaki and bubble gum pink. I like to mix dressy and casual together and don’t like looking too ‘matchy matchy’ or ‘done’.

My wardrobe go-to are my white sneakers, which I can put on with almost anything, an azure blue polka dot dress from Zara that can take me from a day styling to a wedding and a stylish pair of tracksuit bottoms from Hush for off duty days.

What our clients say

“I had a styling experience last weekend with Sunna. She was fantastic and instantly made me feel comfortable and fabulous. She knew exactly what I wanted out of the session and picked some lovely items for me. I felt very pampered and she even went over our allotted time slot to make sure I could pick up the pieces I was after. It was lovely not having to think about what to buy and I will definitely be back next season to see Sunna again. Friends and family already very interested also!” – Hannah

“Sunna was fantastic – she helped me pick out pieces that I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen myself – but they looked great! After only an hour I left wirh a dress, two sweaters, a pair of trousers and a new bag! All in all a very valuable and enjoyable experience” – Maria

To book the Sunna or one of our other stylists for a personal styling experience, contact us.

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