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Meet The Stylists – Stylists Discuss Working for Style Doctors

Style Doctors was founded in 2004 and is one of the longest running and most established Style consultancies in the UK but what is it like working for Style Doctors?

Thanks to a strong pool of talented people, we have evolved to become the UK’s premier Style Consultancy employing a highly skilled team of Personal Stylists, Make-up Artists and Personal Shoppers all over the country.

Here at Style Doctors we understand that no two clients are the same. As well as our diverse and trained Stylists and Make-up artists, we offer a range of  services and packages to suit your styling needs and we love the variety of clients and cater to just that and embrace it.

” I like the variety of clients that you send to us. I like that each time we get the profile its someone different… Considering I’ve shopped with a twelve year old and a seventy year old and everything in-between. I like the challenges that they present and hopefully we fulfil those challenges.”- Sara, Style Doctors Personal Stylist

Find out what it’s like working for Style Doctors from four of our stylists; Charlotte, Elin, Leena and Sara.

We have a talented and friendly team of personal stylists here at Style Doctors who work with our diverse client base. As seen in the video, our clients come from all walks of life and range from all shapes, sizes, age and lifestyles. Our dedicated team tailor each personal styling session to cater to you as an individual.

At Style Doctors, we pride ourselves on having the ultimate team of experts that can work with anyone and everyone. Our stylists are trained in the art of colour, body shapes and have an in-depth knowledge of both high street and designer stores.

If you are looking for tailored help from an expert who is just as friendly as they are experienced then look no further and book one of our stylists today.

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