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Men’s Rainwear Buying Guide

Despite living in a country where constant rain is the norm, dressing for wet weather has never been easy. A big part of being ‘stylish’ is dressing appropriate for the situations and the weather. With our men’s rainwear buying guide, you no longer need to choose between fashion and function. Our stylists give you the right facts, brands and styling you need to look your best on the rainy days.

Waterproof Your Work Wardrobe

No one likes rushing into the office in a soggy suit and hair product seeping down your forehead. We think it is time for you to waterproof your work attire, follow these tips and you will arrive to the office looking as composed as the moment you left the house.

Wearing your suit blazer isn’t going to save you from the wet rain. To stay looking as crisp and dry as possible, you will need a longer length jacket. It is crucial that it covers your suit jacket, otherwise there’s little point in covering up. The material is also very important. Wool is a top choice for winter but you might wanna save that for brighter and colder days. The trench coat, parka and raincoat can lend your tailoring a sleek edge or add a bright pop of colour while keeping you dry underneath.

A good trick is to wear a featherweight gilet between your suit jacket and outer layer to ensure your shirt and tie stays dry, while also adding extra warmth. You might also want to waterproof your leather accessories, like your briefcase. To avoid damaging your leather goods, try a waterproofing spray. This will also keep the contents of your bag dry by the time you get to work.

Mens Rainwear Style Board

Stutterheim Raincoat | Church’s Leather Oxford Brogues | Fulton Men’s Umbrella | Howick Gilet | Rains Backpack | London Undercover Umbrella | Marks & Spencer Leather Briefcase | Nanogen Hair Fibre Locking Spray |Mr Porter Mackintosh | Loake Brummell Brogues

Classic Umbrella

Taking an umbrella with you on a rainy day is basic common sense but how many times have you found yourself without one? They can be annoying to carry around but simply wearing waterproof gear isn’t going to replace it. Full length wooden-handle styles are by no doubt the most stylish but if your constantly on and off public transport, you might be looking for something easier to carry. In this case, a good foldaway is highly recommended.

Wet weather doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your style in order to stay dry. By taking these essential pointers you’ll realise theres no need for ski jackets and plastic shoe coverings to keep composed. How do you keep dry in style as you make your way to the office? Get in touch and let us know.

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