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Menswear Basics and Must-Haves

As personal stylists, we often see men looking perplexed at their wardrobes and often struggle knowing which pieces to buy and which to avoid.  Since men make up quite a large portion of our clientele, we want to create a guide of menswear basics that can easily be attained. This group of items is the foundation to creating a wardrobe that’s all your own. But before you can have that knockout wardrobe, you need the building blocks.

The Undershirt

As a rule of thumb, the closer something is to your body, the higher quality it should be. Investing in nice, quality undershirts is something that men often skim over. Why spend money on something that people can’t see? Because it’s something that you’ll wear nearly every day. You need to look for something that’s durable, breathable, and comfortable. Robert Owen offers options for any style you’re looking to try, all of which are made of silky-soft Bamboo Viscose. Just like womens underwear, you need to feel great underneath your outfit too.

The Oxford Shirt

Any man who works in a professional setting should own oxford shirts in three colours – white, light blue, and light pink. And even if you’re not working in an office every day or don’t need multiples, it’s important to have at least one oxford shirt for smarter occasions. A well-fitted oxford shirt is a wardrobe essential that can smarten up any outfit. We do think that there is a perfect shirt out there for everyone, it’s about finding a fit that’s perfect for your proportions.

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The Blazer

Finding the perfect suit is one thing. But when it comes to finding the perfect dapper separates, a blazer jacket is your first priority. This is a piece of your wardrobe that can easily express your style and personal aesthetic, so it’s important to choose one you really like. Whether you suit brown, blue, grey, black, or any sort of minimal pattern in between, a blazer can be used for various occasions and all year round. Over shirts, polo-necks, polo shirts and even t shirts, a great fitting blazer is a wardrobe staple that you can’t be without. Your Style Doctor can help you mix and match your sport coat with clothes you already own to make myriad outfits and get your money’s worth.

The Chinos

Gone are the days when chinos were the trousers of choice when you deemed oneself too mature for jeans. They are now an everyday (and suitable for all ages) wardrobe staple that can be worn for both smart and casual occasions. Neutral colours such as stone, camel and navy are good choices are these will work as a good base with the rest of your wardrobe.

Style Doctors are Menswear Experts

Menswear basics need to be just right and that’s where our stylists come in. In as little are two hours, our stylist will put together your must-haves that will be the base for almost all of your outfits. Interested in having a stylist to help you find the right basics? Or perhaps you’re looking for an entirely new wardrobe? Save your time and money by hiring a Style Doctor. A shopping trip with our helpful and friendly stylists can make all the difference.


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