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Metallic Shoes For Women – Must Have Style Inspiration


If there is one colour shoe that works with everything (clue it’s not black) it’s metallic. Whatever colours make-up your outfit one thing is guaranteed that a metallic shoe will work with everything. From casual to not-so-casual this shimmering tone with tie in with any outfit.

People often think that black is the colour that works with everything but during the summer especially when we tend to wear less black in our outfits and much more colour wearing black shoes can look heavy and out of place.

We see lots of clients who don’t have full length mirrors and when you don’t have one of these it can be easy to wear the wrong shoes. Always remember that people see you from head to toe and not just from the ankles upwards.

For a casual look a metallic ballet pump or sandal is a must and can be worn with any colour palette from Autumn to Summer. The metallic colour works in harmony with the rest of the outfit ad blends-in rather than making a statement.

Do you have a shoe in every colour but metallic? Our stylists often see wardrobes full of shoes in every colour that have been bought to match a particular outfit but have rarely been worn again. Investing in a metallic shoe is a much more cost effective way of ensuring that you have a shoe that works with everything.

Do you often put on a summer dress and wish you had the perfect shoe to match? We can guarantee that if you try on a metallic shoe or wedge with your summer dress that it will work perfectly.

The word metallic can be very broad from gunmetal to yellow gold however we suggest a soft gold or pewter colour as a great shade that works with everything.

Invest in a pair of metallic shoes today and see how lots of your outfits will become wearable again.

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