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Modest Fashion Styling Tips

Pinterest UK reports that searches for “modest fashion” are up 500% since the beginning of this year. The global modest fashion market is already reportedly worth hundreds of billions and is set to scale up over the next five years but what exactly is modest fashion?

There is no one definition of what modest fashion means, but it essentially relates to having a degree of awareness when it comes to covering up parts of your body. 

In brief, modest fashion can describe varying degrees of covering up on purpose. The decision can be due to religious and ethnic fulfilment or to create a certain aesthetic because it is not just a trend that’s tied to spirituality.

High-end brands like Oscar De La Renta, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana designed modest collections for hijabis and non hijabis. Dolce & Gabbana provided its first abaya collection that is unique from other abaya collections with its cuts, vibrant colours, colourful flowers. The company made this collection whilst still keeping its signature prints to prove that it can be worn by everyone seeking fashionable clothing.

Modest Fashion Styling

Styling a modest outfit can be so easy when equipped with a collection of basics that work well with multiple statement pieces. Basics like white chiffon shirts, classic denim, solid or printed culottes, mules, white trainers, and cross-body bags can serve as a ‘canvas’ for a fantastic modest look.

Fashion Blogger DalaRuffle Blouse | Printed Trousers | Mini Leather Bag | Hoop Earrings | Adidas Sneakers | Long-line Waistcoat | Scarf

In addition, duster coats, lace shirts, kimonos, patterned ponchos, abaya capes, and shirt dresses, serve as key pieces that give your look a unique twist.  Hijabis usually put on a head scarf or a turban to cover their hair, which can elevate the look if the colour complements the rest of the outfit.

Modesty doesn’t mean committing to blacks from head to toe, you can still wear what expresses your character with less skin showing.

Fashion bloggers worldwide and especially in the Middle East are examples of how women can wear modest outfits that look elegant and fashionable.

Fashion Blogger Haute Hijab | Straw Bag | Denim Jumpsuit | Tan Wedges | Scarf | Long Sleeve Body | Watch

For long sleeve modest basics, we recommend Wolford and for specific modest clothing, we recommend The Modist which has great options for every style personality.

Our trained team of stylists can help you create new modest combinations from your existing wardrobe and help you shop for missing pieces in the UAE, UK and the USA.

 by Yasmeen

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