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My Makeover Experience – Bryce

As a part of our 15th birthday celebrations, Style Doctors wanted to reward our community of clients and followers with three complimentary makeovers in the heart of London. We chose to partner with select Oxford Street retailers to give away three makeovers as part of our 15th birthday celebration and #MakeoverMay.

Having styled over 12,000 people in the last 15 years, Style Doctors wanted to continue upon our successful styling sessions. Bryce had the opportunity to join in on the fun with our stylist Stephanie at John Lewis on Oxford Street. Stephanie helped Bryce choose a mix of smart casual looks that he can incorporate into his current wardrobe.

Describe your personal style:

I don’t have a defined style but generally aim for something comfortable and semi-casual at the office with a toned downed version of that for my social looks.

What were your expectations before meeting with a stylist?

I didn’t have any expectations, but I was very interested to have an expert offer me suggestions to elevate my personal style. I wanted to get some tips on how to look for clothes that best suit me.

Stephanie helped Bryce achieve his goal of achieving a more refined look. Stephanie helped Bryce update his current style by sharing some styling tips to improve his existing look. Following his styling session, Bryce headed to the roof garden at John Lewis to showcase his new look with a photo-shoot!

“Bryce was so excited; he wanted a cool and classic style to compliment his personality and lifestyle” – Stephanie

Stylist Stephanie choosing wardrobe staples for Bryce

“My experience was fantastic! It opened my eyes to look beyond what I was comfortable in and think more about personal style. Still within what I’m comfortable with, but with a much wider view on what that includes” – Bryce

Does your makeover experience affect the way you get dressed and ready each day?

Yes, I have definitely put more thought into how I decide what to wear for the day and how it can have an impact on how I feel during the day.

Would you recommend a styling session to family and friends?

I’m going for another session in a few weeks and think meeting with a professional at the very least gives you the ability to refresh your style, and really can open your view to expand your personal style.

“I would definitely recommend at styling session. It was a fantastic and eye-opening way to learn more about what styles, colours, and fashions work best for me, and still feel like me”

We are so delighted to hear Bryce enjoyed his Oxford Street styling experience. Read all about one of our other winner’s Makeover May experience here.

by Ellen

Video:  Tone at H28

Photos: Anastasija Labekina

Special thanks to:

Oxford Street and John Lewis

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