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My Makeover Experience – Kris

Having styled over 12,000 people in the last 15 years, we wanted to reward our community of clients and followers with a complimentary makeover in the heart of London. We chose to partner with select Oxford Street retailers to giveaway three makeovers as a part of our 15th birthday celebration and #MakeoverMay.

Kris had the opportunity to join in on the #MakeoverMay fun with our stylist Elin at Gap on Oxford Street. Elin helped Kris find the perfect smart-casual looks that fit her lifestyle well while enhancing her daily style. Elin chose two jumpsuits, denim jackets, and staple items to help Kris incorporate into her existing wardrobe whilst teaching her new ways to style those items.

Following her styling session with Elin at Gap, we headed to John Lewis for a Clarins make-up makeoever. Angela at the Clarins beauty counter helped Kris get photograph-ready by applying makeup and teaching her tips and tricks to achieve her best look. When the makeover was complete, Kris participated in a photoshoot at the roof garden of John Lewis to showcase her new look.

Kris before her makeover

Kris before her makeover with Style Doctors on Oxford Street

Kris, how would you describe your personal style?

As I work from home alone each day my personal style is very casual. You’d usually find me in a t-shirt and jeans – both of which have seen better days!

What were your expectations before meeting with a stylist?

Although extremely excited, I was also a little apprehensive and nervous as I thought that as I don’t follow the latest fashion trends, I would feel uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone. In hindsight I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Kris after her Style Doctors makeover

Describe your makeover experience

After giving me a lovely, warm welcome Elin asked me about my style, my wardrobe, my lifestyle, and what I would like to achieve from my experience. She then chatted to me about what styles would be better suited to me and explained her reasons. This has given me wonderful insight into how now to shop and dress!

Kris getting her make-up makeover with Clarins

Does your makeover experience affect the way you get dressed and ready each day?

Most certainly! This experience has completely changed my outlook on life! Genuinely! Before my makeover experience, I was very much stuck in a rut. The everyday monotony of choosing what to wear was a real chore. Now I can’t wait to dress each morning! Elin gave me lots of magnificent (and much needed tips) including that it is better to plan what to wear the previous day to save time each morning. This, not only means I am now much more organised, but also that I can now go out confidently knowing that I look like I have made an effort with my appearance! I am a much more confident person and feel so much happier about myself!

Makeover May Winner Kris

“I didn’t think I could ever look and feel and this good about myself! I would have previously described myself as a bit of a lost cause when it comes to fashion and looking good”

New Outfit

Kris head to toe in GAP

“It was such a pleasure to style Kris. From the get-go she was so open to my suggestions. She was looking for some ‘in-between’ clothes (like most of our clients) and GAP was the perfect store for her. We tried on around 15 outfits in just over an hour and she looked amazing in everything.” – Elin, Style Doctors CEO and Kris’s stylist

“Now I feel wonderful and each day I wake up knowing that I have the clothing and the know-how and the newly found confidence to make the most out of each day! I really can’t thank the Style Doctors enough!”

We are so delighted to hear that Kris enjoyed her Style Doctors makeover and look forward to other fun pop-up makeover events in the future!

by Style Doctors

Video:  Tone at H28

Photos: Anastasija Labekina

Make-up: Clarins

Hair: GHD

Special thanks to:

Oxford Street and John Lewis.

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