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My Personal Style – By Style Doctors Client Shiraz

At Style Doctors, we see a wide range of clients from all walks of life and buy lots of different outfits for various occasions. Our goal during style sessions is to educate our clients on how to create the maximum amount of outfits with the minimum amount of items.

It’s not always easy to capture images of clients during style sessions as these can be very busy with lots going on and that’s why we invite some of our clients for a special photo-shoot after the day.

This week, we invited Shiraz, who has used Style Doctors on numerous occasions for a photo-shoot at Sky Garden in London. Read all about his styling experience here.

Tell us about your personal style?

Would say it’s smart/casual to formal during the working week and mainly casual/sporty otherwise.

How did you decide to book a style session for a first time?

Realised I needed to rethink my style after looking through my wardrobe and saw only sportswear. Horrified by this, I felt the need for professional guidance on what will work well on me and how my style can factor the way I feel (sports clothes was comfort to me but also to hide away my confidence at the time!)

What were you hoping to achieve?

A change in wardrobe items that I can mix and match my now smart/casual approach to style that is within my budget.

How did your style session go?

Very insightful, professional and above all, fun! Felt they understood me and my needs straight away and wasn’t shy in asking the right questions.  I thought being stylish was an expensive venture but after this session, it opened my eyes on how it can all happen within a good budget. Loved every minute of it and wish it lasted longer.

How many outfits did you buy?

2 to 3 outfits with potential of many more that I can mix and match with!

Have you continued using a stylist? How often do you have a style session?

I make it a conscious effort to continually use a stylist and this occurs 2 times a year. Once just before the summer break and the other just before Christmas for winter looks. It keeps things fresh and relevant for the day to day style needs that I now constantly require due to my work life.

How working with a stylist changed the way you dress?

Massively! It has broaden my mind on mixing and matching colours that personally suit me and given me immense confidence, be it at work, out on the town or with friends/family.

Did you enjoy the photo-shoot? Tell us more about the experience.

It was an experience I would remember for a very, very long time. Firstly, having it done in Sky Garden was breathtaking in it self but when the stylist put me in different outfits…wow it really made me love every minute of it. Secondly, it allowed me to show off the new style I’ve acquired with immense confidence. As the saying goes, time goes by quick when you’re having fun!

Would you recommend a stylist session to your friends or family?

They don’t know what they are missing if they don’t and I highly recommend having a stylist session… even if it’s a one off! It’s not as expensive as people think it is because in the long haul, you end up saving bags of money on styles you will use instead of building up a wardrobe that never gets used!!

What do you like the most about Style Doctors styling services?

Style Doctors to me has always been a balance of impeccable professionalism and fun all rolled into one. That for me has been the greatest asset they have and why I keep coming back for more :)

Whether you’re in need of a new wardrobe, want to develop your own personal style and put together a great capsule wardrobe, a Style Doctors experience can help you achieve whatever you’re looking for. From wardrobe edits to helping you create a whole new work wardrobe, we guarantee that we’ll leave you looking and feeling your best. Book your own style experience here.

Would you like your own Style Doctors photo-shoot? Get in touch if you are a past client! Read about some of our other client experiences here.

Photos: Amaju

Styling: Deni

by Style Doctors

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