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Outfit Planning With Stylist Deni Kiro

Outfit planning sets the bedrock of great personal style. Wardrobe pre-planning might sound like a fashion extravaganza for some, however once you explore the benefits, it turns into a lifestyle. Our expert stylist Deni Kiro has listed some insider styling tips on how to plan your outfits that will save you time and will help you look stylish every day.

Plan Your Week Ahead

Think about your activities for the upcoming week – do you have an important business meeting or a work presentation? Are you attending a networking event? Do you have date after work or an night out with friends? I recommend spending some time on Sunday afternoon to think about your outfits in relation to your weekly agenda.

I often help my clients to organise their weekly outfits upfront. During a recent styling session with a lovely client  we created a huge number of outfits to cover every possible aspect of her routine – from her work life to the weekend role as a mum.

She wanted to look cool, feminine and modern in her role as a mum and we achieved that through adding feminine touches to her already practical style – a fitted knit dress in daring emerald, ultra comfy snakeskin boots and the perfect pair of fitted grey jeans.

Work style, night out or smart casual weekend style – a staple pair of snakeskin boots covers all week scenarios.

Spending as little as 30 minutes to pre-plan your outfits for the week could dramatically change your dressing routine. I often tell my clients that the most stylish people are not necessarily the ones with the best taste, they are the ones who plan their outfits in advance!

Well-Organised Wardrobe

Well displayed clothes make choosing an outfit visually easier. Make sure you have plenty of space to display your clothes. I always advise on hangers over folding where storage space allows. The items on hangers should be the seasonal staples – for autumn, display your favorite blouses, skirts and coats on hangers. Everything folded should be of secondary importance. Create a section for jackets, section for bottoms and section for tops. Make sure you have the staple pair of shoes for each season. A pair of smart comfortable sneakers, black boots and a neutral (or beige) pair are absolutely essential for the autumn. Missing a lighter pair of boots for autumn could restrict your colour choices and make you opt for darker palettes.

I have a small rail where I display my weekly outfits. I make sure that there I have the most versatile and colour coordinated pieces. Display them in order – a smart top, casual top followed by three types of bottoms and a selection of jackets. Then, even if I dress in a hurry, I just grab the items of the rail confident that they work together!


If you are not a pre-planning type of person and tend to decide on your activities last minute – make sure you have plenty of accessories on hand. For this type of personality, I always advise to carry a chunky necklace, bracelet set or statement heels in your bag. Read more on elevating a look with accessories here.


Bracelet | Handbag | Earrings| Snakeprint boots | Burgundy boots | Sunglasses | Belt

The Staple Jacket

Having a good selection of jackets is key! Throw-on a blazer to smarten-up your look, or make it more relaxed with a denim jacket. Adding or removing layers will allow you to transform your look ‘on the go’.

Burgundy Coat | Grey Blazer

Great style is as much a matter of taste as of planning. Whether you have a big wardrobe that needs planning or looking to get the seasonal staples right, a personal styling session might be the solution.

by Deni Kiro

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