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Perfecting Off-Duty, Casual Menswear


When it comes to dressing professionally, there’s a formula you can follow. This shirt goes with this tie, these trousers with this jacket. Casual menswear isn’t always that easy. You may wonder, “how do I look comfortable, casual, and stylish at the same time?” or “how can I wear a hoodie and still look put together?” Not to worry — your favourite hoodie can now be your go-to for popping into the grocery store, and your joggers can be styled perfectly for running errands.

Comfy, Casual Menswear

The most vital element of looking put together (as opposed to lazy) is to wear items that fit you. There’s nothing wrong with throwing on some slouchy joggers and a soft hoodie as long as they fit your body shape. Too-big tops can swallow your shape, and too-tight tops are rarely flattering.

Choosing joggers that hit right at the ankle bone, give or take two centimetres, is going to give you the height and streamlined look that you want. Anything too saggy, too long, or too tight won’t be flattering. So to keep looking polished, fit is key.


Hoodie | Joggers | T Shirt | Wrist Accessories | Sunglasses | Watch  | Trainers

Weekend-Friendly Casual Menswear

Heading out this weekend? Maybe downtown to the pubs or an afternoon out with friends? The layered look is going to suit you perfectly. By leaving a hoodie unzipped over a cool tee, you create depth and dimension that a regular shirt doesn’t have on its own.

If you’re more interested in staying cool and trendy as opposed to classic and easy, try a mesh overlay like the model has below. The texture contrast isn’t something that everyone can pull off. But all you need to pull off a new trend is the confidence!

street style menswear urban style doctors stylists for men

Hoodie | Red Trainers | White T Shirt | Jeans | Hat | Socks | Sunglasses

Make these outfits more “you” through colors. Maybe you’re outgoing — try for primary brights like royal blue or tomato red. If you’re more laid-back, you can’t go wrong with neutrals. Blacks, whites and greys will always be in style. Looking to stand out from the crowd? Mix and match cool patterns, colors and logos. You never know if you don’t try. For expert styling advice and help with creating the perfect casual menswear looks, make an appointment with our team.



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