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Perfecting The Minimalist Trend

Fashion is all about looking for trends, inspiration, and pieces you love, and then making them your own. It may sound intimidating to create a style and aesthetic that’s specific to you, but it’s simpler than one may imagine. The easiest way to achieve this is by immersing yourself in the minimalist trend.

Minimalist looks are composed of clean lines, simple fabrics, investment pieces, and – as the term suggests – minimal accessories. Without statement jewelry and layers of scarves to steal the attention, your clothes really have to speak for themselves. They do this through the quality and cut of the fabrics, and the way you style them. Making sure your personality shines through a minimalist outfit is important, so paying attention to details is extremely important.

Minimalist Trend: Box Clutch | Wide Leg Trousers | Coat | Two Tone Blazer | Flat SandalsBackless Loafers | Lipstick | Embellished Top | Prada Sunglasses

If you’re worried that the minimalist trend seems too basic, you’re not alone. Remember that there’s a difference between being minimalistic, and too casual. For example, white tees and jeans can be basic and lack luster if not styled correctly. An all-black-everything outfit can easily fall flat as well. Making sure your clothes fit appropriately, are cleaned, and taken care of regularly and properly are all important factors of creating finished looks. If you’re having accessory withdrawals, try a adding a stud earring, a simple hat or choker.

Layering has a place in all aspects of fashion, and minimalist looks are no exceptions. The key thing to remember when layering simple pieces is to keep it looking light – not bulky. Bulky or messy outfits don’t match the aesthetic that minimalist looks bring to the table.

We love covering new trends, and if there are any trends in particular that you have questions or comments about, you can post them below. Our stylists love to hear from you! Reach out, or see our styling packages for more information about the services we provide.

 by Molly

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