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Personal Shopper Challenge

As fashion tends to generally keep a fixed lens on what’s youthful and new it’s no surprise that many fifty-somethings face a constant dilemma when opening their wardrobes.

At 52, Lucy Cavendish regularly experienced the predicament of not knowing what to wear. As busy fashion-loving journalist in her past life – her wardrobe had previously consisted of body-con dresses, high heel stilettos and every fashion essential that ensured she was equipped for all occasions. However 4 kids later dressing up became solely for comfort.

On behalf of Woman & Home magazine, Lucy experienced three personal shopping sessions from Style Doctors, John Lewis and Debenhams to compare the services with a specific goal in mind. That goal was to find two outfits that, between them, will solve every party problem – one casual, one dressed up.

As I have got older, I’ve lost my style confidence. Part of it is that I’ve put on weight. The clothes I used to wear and felt sexy and comfortable in, no longer fit me. I also know the perils of the wrong outfit, and shoes that hurt  your feet can ruin an entire evening.  Now I’m desperate to get my mojo back. I want to sashay into a party feeling fabulous, sexy and relaxed.”

Here at Style Doctors we believe all women (and men) of all ages should feel inspired by fashion which is why we were so excited to re-ignite Lucy’s style confidence. To help bring back her style-mojo our style director Elin Mai put together 2 outfits that would be her ‘go-to’ party options.

The Style Session

“I meet Elin from Style Doctors in a room behind the CollectPlus Lounge in Westfield London. It’s quite small but perfectly adequate with lots of mirrors and a seating area. Elin is young and slim and dressed in a funky fashion. Chatty and direct, she puts me at ease by explaining what Style Doctors do. She has appointments lasting from one hour to half a day, and does everything from bridal to a country weekend away. In fact, Elin is so professional she’s looked me up online and has my chosen outfits on a rail already.”

The first outfit choice was a leopard print wrap dress that perfectly accentuated Lucys figure. Elin also gave Lucy the extra style tip of being able to turn the look into a casual one by dressing down in a pair of sneakers and jeans. The best part? Lucy loved the dress so much that she bought it on the day! Lucy scored this outfit 9/10.

The second outfit was a dressed-down evening outfit designed for Lucy to be able to feel young, stylish and glamorous at the same time. The outfit consisted of jeans, a blazer with a metallic top. Lucy scored this outfit 10/10.

“I’m really glad to see that Lucy scored the outfits so highly. She was an absolute pleasure to style and we tried on lots of great outfits during the session.” – Elin 

It was a pleasure to help Lucy revive her style personality and if like Lucy feel like you’ve lost your style mojo, a style session could be just what you need! Book a session with one of our expert stylists here. For the purposes of this article, Elin was called a personal shopper. Find out the difference between a personal shopper and a personal stylist in our previous blog here.

by Style Doctors

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