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Personal Shopper For Teenagers

Do you often disagree with your parents about the latest trends or what outfit is right for you? Do emotions rise high when walking through a department store from one shop to another? Don’t worry we’ve all been there!

From homework deadlines to Snap Chat posts, we at Style Doctors understand that growing up as a teenager can be challenging. Pressure of social media, keeping up with the latest trends and what to wear in the magazines are just a few of the everyday issues you have to deal with, so why not let us help you along the way.

As your body goes through the different stages of becoming a young adult, it can sometimes be frustrating when trying to find that perfect outfit. Dressing for now and feeling comfortable in what you wear is the key! So whether you’re interested in the most recent footwear, have a slight obsession for jewellery or live in skinny jeans, no job is to demanding or out of reach for our team.


Main Image: Fashion United | Jumper | Jeans | Hat | Headphones | Watch  | Nike Trainers  | Nail Polish | Lip Gloss | Bag | Earrings

Finding a balance between looking good and feeling good isn’t always easy and at some point everyone (including myself) has felt unsure about what clothes are right for them. Exploring different avenues will help identify the right style for you so don’t be afraid to trail different looks. Be bold and combined styles together. Wearing a pair retro sneakers complimented with geek glasses could transform an outfit from ordinary to stylish. I’ve put together some of my favourite pieces available at the moment above.

There are many colours, styles and fashion labels to choose from that sometimes shopping for a new outfit can be somewhat overwhelming as well as confusing. But with the help of our expertise styling team a personal shopping experience will leave you feeling confident, enthusiastic and ready to take on teenage life challenges! Have a look at our personal shopper for teenagers here.

Michaela x

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