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Personal Shopper v Personal Stylist

The difference between a personal shopper experience and having a personal stylist can be a little tricky to understand. The term ‘personal shopper’ is more widely used by single retailers whereas the term ‘personal stylist’ refers to someone who works with an unlimited amount of stores.

Personal Shopper V Personal Stylist

While having a personal shopper gives you someone to pick out options for you in store, a personal stylist gives you this experience and SO much more! The level of training required for both types of stylists is also different. A personal shopper can work up from shop floor level whereas a personal stylist should have completed a style related diploma or degree.

By hiring a personal stylist you will be asked key questions during your private consultation ensuring that your shopping experience is catered to your every need. This way you have someone to navigate you through all the shops while they already know about what colours and shapes are best for you. They will also assist through the chaos of fitting rooms throughout the session.

Where as compared to a personal shopper your time is limited and less personable, our stylists have all the skills to transform your wardrobe within a set time that large retailers just can’t compete with.

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“Just like many professions, you CAN shop for yourself and you CAN hire a personal shopper for free however only a personal stylist leaves you with a life changing experience” – Peyton

Make sure to book your own personalised style session through our website.

by Peyton & Maggie

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