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Personal Stylist For Fashion Bloggers

Style Doctors recently met up with blogger Holly from thekittyluxe  for a one hour styling session on Oxford Street and challenged ourselves to find her a complete outfit in just an hour. We were very successful, putting together over 10 different looks between two shops in the allotted time and Holly walking away with not only one, but two complete outfits she was happy with. See some of the changing room looks on our Instagram here!

Personal styling doesn’t always have to be for people who need a little extra help with advice on what to wear; it can also be for bloggers who style themselves every day.

We were able to find two great outfits for Holly during our 1 hour styling session and we’ve recreated her looks for you using a mixture of some of the pieces she bought as well as new pieces. The first outfit we found for Holly is a great transitional outfit for the upcoming spring season. The yellow oversized cardigan paired with a lightweight top and cropped jeans makes for the perfect spring look. A staple pair of white heels or boots are timeless and just like a great pair of black boots should be part of every woman’s wardrobe. In comparison to black boots, a white pair can really help to brighten up an outfit. Pairing a look like this with a textured braided basket bag is a great way to add some added interest to the outfit.

Outfit One

Cardigan | Blouse | White Boots | Petite Jeans | Round Bag | Lipstick | See all the looks we styled for Holly here

Speed Styling Session

Whether you’re a blogger, an Instagrammer, or just looking to change up your wardrobe, our stylists can help you achieve whatever you’re looking for in whatever amount of time works for you; and with spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you’d like to achieve with your wardrobe this season. Personal stylists are great for those with busy schedules or if you just want to change things up a bit and get some second opinions. Being a blogger isn’t as easy like people may think, and with your hectic schedules, coming to Westfield or Oxford Street for just an hour with one of our stylists would be perfect for finding multiple new looks in a short amount of time.

Home Wardrobe Session

Alternatively, if your schedule doesn’t allow for coming out to shop (and you already have a huge amount of clothes), we also offer home visits where a stylist will come and create tens of different new looks out of the clothing you’ve already got. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all you need to create something new and completely different from something you already have!

If you want to take your looks to the next level, book a style session here.

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