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The importance of a good haircut

A good haircut will bring together your overall look and can be styled in different ways to suit your outfits, so it’s important to get it right!

I bet you’re thinking “if it’s not enough that my outfits needs to be stylish and my make-up flawless but now they’re telling me my hair needs to be great too!” Well don’t worry, our hair stylists are here to guide you through the importance of a good haircut and what you need to do to achieve your perfect look.

We all get bored of our hair and want to switch it up every once in a while, but it’s important to keep to the tones and cut to suit your complexion and face shape.  Having a face to face consultation with a good hair stylist will have a huge impact on your look as you’ll know exactly what will work for you.

A good haircut will frame your face and have it looking healthy, and a regular trim will help with split ends and general growth of your hair. It can take it from dry and damaged to healthy and glossy. If you colour your hair then it’s important you find the right tones to suit your complexion. There are numerous shades of one colour, so let the experts find the perfect one for you. So to sum up, what I’m saying is take care of your locks and don’t just leave it to chance that your hair will always look good.

Looking after your hair between salon visits is easy with the right products and tips, and will have your hair feeling like you’ve just left the hairdressers everyday! When using appliances on your hair, such as a hair-dryer or straighteners, it’s vital you use a protective heat spray as they can damage your hair and dry it out. If you prefer up-do’s and need your hair to stay in place all day, a good quality hairspray is essential.  Investing in the holy grail product of Moroccan oil (Argan oil) will help your hair in so many ways; it prevents split ends, controls frizzy hair if this is a problem for you, and the oils keeps your hair nice and shiny. A hair mask once a week will deep condition your luscious locks to give them the moisture they need and have your hair feeling softer than ever. Spending that bit extra on good products will benefit you more in the long run.


Main Image: The Fashion Medley | Moroccan oil | Conditioner (Argan oil) | Repair conditioner | ShampooColour conditioner | Smoothing conditioner | Shampoo (Argan oil) | Brushes | Treatment | Elixir 

If you’re tired of your look and think your hair needs a bit of a boost or just need some essential advice on the right products for you then get in touch with our expert hair stylists. If the hair isn’t enough then remember we also offer style packages for a complete transformation.

Sheridan x

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