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Rainy Weather Outfit Inspiration

Gone are those days when we all soaked up the sun in our fruity coloured clothing but that gives us no reason to make stylistic sacrifices JUST because it is raining.

To make a fashion statement and prove to be ultra chic, it is in the power of styling our winter wardrobe !

Here at Style Doctors, we have created the perfect rainy weather outfit inspiration that combines both comfort and style.

Experimentation and thinking outside the box is key when it comes to individual style; therefore, why not try blue suit trousers rather than the traditional black? Team them up with blue leather moccasins and yes, make sure the shoes are leather as it is essential that you avoid your feet being soaked in the rain and getting ruined in puddles. A white shirt is a must in every wardrobe and having various styles and silhouettes gives room for experimentation. One can not have too many white shirts, and here we have added the classic to the look. In order to complete the look wear a coat that will last you an entire season and can be worn over and over again. Hence, we have selected the very classic houndstooth printed coat in neutral colours that can be worn with almost everything ! A grey handbag, red lipstick and pearl drop earrings gets the whole look together and voila! But don’t forget the umbrella and a transparent one is the safest option as it can be worn with any colour, look or for any occasion.


Book yourself a personal shopper session today and find the ultimate rainy weather wardrobe that not even the clouds can hinder.

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