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SALE Shopping Tips

It’s still SALE time on the high street and even though we’re coming to the end of the sales, there are still some fantastic bargains to be found. 

Shopping during this time can bring out the best and worse in shoppers. We’ve seen it all at Style Doctors! You probably either love them or loathe them when it comes to the sales however with the helping hand of a stylist, you can achieve quadruple the amount of items bought pre-sales.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have one of our expert stylists with you, we’ve put together some of our top tips to make shopping in the sales more successful. 

Shop Early

The shops are notoriously untidy during the sales and towards the end of the day it’s almost impossible to locate items. If you hit the shops early, the over night team will have tidied up the store and everything will be much easier to find. Between 9.30am and 12pm is the best time to shop in our experience.

All That Glitters 

A sure fire way of adding a luxe feel to any wardrobe is to add some metallic or in fact anything that glitters. A sequin skirt, metallic boots, embellished jacket are all items that can be worn day or night and can help elevate more casual fabrics such as denim and knitwear.

Don’t go overboard with metallics and sequins, around 8% of your wardrobe is just enough to help elevate looks and make them look more expensive.

We’ve selected some of our favourite items that would help ‘luxe your look’. These metallic items came to a total of £4,263 before the sales and are now £2,559! We don’t recommend buying everything from our selection but one item that you’ll wear time and time again.

Silver Heels | Silver Bag | Sequin Pencil Skirt | Metallic Skirt | Blazer | Bow Blouse | Metallic Trousers | Earrings | Belt  | Main Image

Avoid Big Discounts

It’s very easy into falling into the trap and lure of the 70% off rail however lots of items remaining in a certain style is usually a give away that the items in question are in the sale for a very good reason. That being said, if it works for you, buy it!

Think Classic 

We always recommend looking for wardrobe staples during the sales such as a classic men’s camel overcoat, a biker jacket, jeans, timeless boots. Items that were 40% more expensive at the start of the season but will make you your money back immediately. If you buy classic items, you’ll very rarely regret these purchases as they’ll come out time after time. The sales are a great time to pick up items like these Church’s brogues that were £475, now £332.

We’ve put together our favourite men’s wardrobe staples and the complete capsule wardrobe was £2,089 before the sales and now down to £1,257. That’s a rather impressive saving and all of these items will stand the test of time and worth buying! 

Camel Coat | Navy Blazer | Pink Jumper | Sunglasses | Jeans | Reversible Belt | Blue Shirt | Leather Trainers | Church’s Brogues | Watch


Jewellery, scarves and smaller statement accessories take up much less space than winter coats and the sales are a good time to pick up some bargains. You can afford to be a bit more experimental with your accessory choices during the sales as most retailers are keen to get rid of surplus stock and offering 70% off smaller items. 

Sales shopping is all about being focused and being able to spot a bargain and a waste of money at 50 paces. If you’d like to make the most of the sales, you may want to consider a style experience with one of our expert stylists

by Style Doctors

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