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Sales Shopping Tips And Inspiration

It’s that time of year again when the SALES are in full swing both online and in stores. We often find that people usually fall into two camps when it comes to sale shopping and those are 1) Avoid at all costs, I’d rather buy it full price than deal with the crowds and the messy stores 2) I’m there the minute the shops open ready to find a bargain.

Whichever category you fall into, we wanted to share some of our favourite sale suggestions with you that will help the most fearful and savvy shopper.

Sales Shopping Tips

#1 Go Early

During the sales the shops can be very (very) untidy at the end of the day and it’s almost impossible to find anything good as all of the clothes and accessories are strewn across the store. If you arrive early, it gives you the best chance to find what you’re looking for after the store has been tidied-up over night. If you leave it until the end of the day you’re likely to make unnecessary purchases and will end up having to visit the store again to return or worse still, you keep them and don’t wear them.

#2 Go With A List

The worst thing to do during the sales is to go shopping without a list or without knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Did you spot a coat that you loved a month ago but your budget wouldn’t allow it? Have a look to see if it’s still there. Saw a friend wearing some boots you love that they bought in the sales? Great, add them to your list. If however you walk into the shops without an idea, we can guarantee you’ll be spending money on things that may seem like a bargain now but will end up still having the tags on them in six months time.

Off Duty Casual Look

This look is both easy to wear, timeless and each item is in the sale. The total amount of this outfit would have been £1,065 but in the sales the outfit is down to £661! That’s a £404 saving!

Khaki Coat | Nike Trainers | Grey Scarf | Mini Blue Bag | Metallic Jumper | Blue  and Silver Watch | Black Jeans

Each of these items are good wardrobe staples and can be worn season after season and items like the bag, coat and watch are long term investment pieces.

#3 Buy Wardrobe Staples

The sales are great if you know what you’re looking for (and of course, having a stylist with you sure helps). If you stick to the general rule of looking for timeless classic wardrobe staples, you can really find some great bargains. Think; classic winter coat, trainers that work with everything, a timeless watch. Items like watches and bags are great things to buy as they don’t date and most are 50% less than they were a month ago.

Mens Smart Casual

The same sales shopping tips apply for men too and this season more than ever there are some great bargains to be found such as this classic overcoat by REISS (Was £375 now £195). Everything apart from the sweater is in the sale and the total before the sales for this outfit was £955 and in the sale the outfit is £581.70. That’s a saving of £373.30! Designer sunglasses, an overcoat and leather gloves are great items to look for during the sales.

Camel Overcoat | Beanie Hat | Leather Gloves | Rib Scarf | Navy  Chinos | Grey Texture Sweater | Ray-Ban Sunglasses | Suede Oxford Shoes

As stylists, it’s our job to know where has the best sales and because we know where to find everything from high street to luxury, sales shopping is stress free with a Style Doctors stylist. Book a two hour style session and let our stylists put together some fantastic looks for you. As you can see from our outfit inspiration above, we saved over £400 and with a two hour style session priced at £170, hiring a personal stylist really does save you money!

by Style Doctors

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